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What is the Lalima Abhiyan of Madhya Pradesh

To make women and children in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh aware of anemia and other blood related diseases,lalima abhiyan was started in the state of madhya paresh.Under this scheme, Lalima Rath will perform in anemia dominated villages of each division. Health check-up camps will also be held at the places where the chariot will stop. Iron tablets are distributed to the  people of these villages.

What is Bhavantar Scheme?

Bhavantar Payment Scheme - October 2017 from Khurai in Sagar district. Under this scheme, farmers will be given the support price of their crops. The main objective of the scheme is to provide support prices to the farmers and provide them a protective shield, keeping them safe from the losses due to fluctuations in the prices of the mandis. The scheme will be applicable to eight Kharif crops - Soyabean, Groundnut, Sesame, Ramatil, Maize, Moong, Urad, and Tur under the current financial year. Under this scheme, farmers have to be registered on the e-procurement portal.

What is 'Sanjha Chulha Yojna' of Madhya Pradesh?

                         Sajha Chulha Yojana in english , Sanjha chulha scheme of madhya pradesh

Sanjha Chulha yojana was started to ensure food security to the families of Sahariya tribe in Morena district by Akash Tripathi (Collector Morena) by the state government, Sanjha Chulha was started in 29 villages in 3 blocks of Morena district. This Yojana was started on 1st November 2009.
Under this scheme, free food was provided to the selected beneficiaries once daily. A card was issued under this arrangement from which this facility can be availed. Since kitchens were mainly used for cooking in India, this scheme was named as Sanjha Chulha. Funds for this scheme are arranged with Gram Panchayat, Red Cross and public support. 
Under the Sanjha Chulha scheme, there is a provision of providing nutritious food to children of 6 months to 3 years (children and mothers also) in the anganwadis  Providing balanced diet.
Some Important Points about this scheme
The scheme will start from November 1 200…

What is Mega Food park yojna ?

The Mega Food Park Scheme of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries aims to bring progress in the development of the food processing industry in the country by establishing a strong food processing infrastructure through an effective supply chain. A cluster / flock-based approach is adopted under the Mega Food Park scheme. In order to encourage the establishment of food-processing units in such Paks, the local level needs Corresponding food-processing infrastructural facilities are provided. Here modern storage facility, disinfected packing, quality-regulation laboratory, cold storage-house facility And modern technical facilities are provided for processing. Also, such parks include captive power-plants (power generating units as per the requirement of a generating unit Plant) through the establishment of an efficient and effective power supply. The mega food park adopts a demand-driven approach. Also, it is based on the Hub and Scope model. Under this model, there is the presence of …