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What is Coronavirus virus? What are the symptoms and how to be safe

Covid 19 is a pandemic which is known to be spread from wuhan city of china. Corono virus group was first discovered in 2002. Due to the covd-19 pandemic, everybody in the world is affected somehow. We all know that there is no medicine for coronavirus until now. So its better to prevent yourself from this virus. Ayush ministry of India gave us three preventive ways to boost our immunity in this pandemic. 1.drink only warm water throughout the day. exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. 3.Use turmeric, coriander, and garlic in the food.In the time of this pandemic, everybody was told to stay in the house for a minimum of 14 days that is called quarantine time who comes from foreign countries. A COVID 19 toll-free number 1075 launched in India.Preventive measures for people to stay safe from COVID 191. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters while talking.2.Dont go to the crowd placed like market fairs religious places.3. Do the COVID test if coming from a foreign country.4. Alw…

What is lockdown?

Lockdown means lockout. Lockdown is a disaster management system which is officially implemented at the time of  disaster or epidemic .The people of the area in which the lockdown has been done, the houses are locked and exit is not allowed without permission. All they need to do is to buy essential things like medicine and the grains .They are allowed to come out, during this time if they want to  get money from the bank
The way an institution or factory is shut down and there is lockout in the same way that lock down means that you do not leave the streets for unnecessary work. If you have any problem due to lockdown life you  are  allowed to concerned Police Station, District Collector, Superintendent of Police Or you can call other higher officials. Lockdown is done for the convenience and safety of the public. All private and contract offices remain closed, government offices which do not fall in the required category are also closed.

What are the values? Describe the major types of values.

Values ​​are socially recognized questions, which are generated by the actions of the individual, such as, euphoria,integrity, patriotism, etc.
Values ​​are generally seen in two major forms -
1 provable value - the desired goal as the total achievement of long-term tasks, such as salvation, self-respect, honesty, etc.
 2. Instrument value - the price fixed to get the real value, such as earning money by borrowing, etc.).
Apart from this, values ​​are also classified on the basis of subject-related relationship.

 1. Physical or biological value - improper to improve the jovan level, such as good eating, wearing well.
 2. Social Values- Values ​​considered good in terms of social order, such as Mahla education.
 3 mental values ​​or emotional values ​​- compassion, compassion etc.
 4 aesthetic value values ​​related to nature, art, humanism, beauty- worship of trees.
 5 Moral Values ​​- Inaccurate associated with the character and conduct of the person, such as speaking the truth, not corruptio…

The impact of climate change on oceans.

Climate change increases the temperature of oceans, nutrients, chemical water organization, and wind The system changes the nature of ocean currents.
Increase in the temperature of the oceans - by increasing the temperature of the Earth.
Acidification of oceans - ocean water interacting with carbon dioxide creates carbonic acid.
Slaughter in ocean water level - due to the melting of polar ice.
Changes in ocean current - due to increasing in temperature and melting of porous ice
Extreme climatic events - such as cyclones, storms, etc.
sinking coastal cities
Ecological destruction
Coral bleaching etc.
Hence climate change affects the ecosystem of oceans extensively.

The various factors and process which are responsible for soil erosion

Soil erosion is the removal of top soil from its resting place by responsible to accelerate soil erosion. arious-physical agencies like wind, water and ice. Several biotic factors id in loosening the top soil for the action of physical agencies. Therefore, depending upon the factors involved, there are two types of erosion- geological and accelerated.
Geological or Normal Erosion : The top soil removed by physical agencies of water or wind under normal conditions of physical, biological and hydrological equilibria. The rate of soil erosion is slow. An equilibirum is maintained between the removal of the topsoil and the formation of new soil from below through weathering. The geological or nomal erosion often produced a wavy or undulating surface with alternate ridges and depressions.
Accelerated Erosion : The removal of top soil occur at a much faster rate as compared to the formation of new soil from below. It result in the permanent loss of fertile part of the soil. Accelerated erosio…