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Describe briefly the efforts made by India environmental protection.

The history of environmental protection in India is very old. Harappan culture was steeped in environment, then Vedic culture remained synonymous with environment-protection. Indian mystics considered all natural forces as deities. Surya, the source of energy, is considered to be the deity and calls him Surya Devo. Environmental love remained in medieval and Mughal India too. The British started the task of destroying the environment in India due to their economic benefits. Due to the destructive exploitation policy, the ecological imbalance in the Indian environment was visible in the British era itself. As a result of western influence, industrialization and population explosion among the people of independent India, Trishna woke up which gave rise to various types of pollution in the country. The Indian Constitution, which was enacted in 1950, was not directly linked to the provisions of environmental protection. The 1972 Stockholm Conference drew the attention of the Indian govern…