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Punjab Government Bill against Central Agricultural Laws

Punjab Government Bill against Central Agricultural Laws
To end the potential impact of three agricultural laws passed by Parliament, the Punjab government on Tuesday Passed bills for his own state. It is noteworthy that the following three laws were passed by the Central Government last month:
> Farmers Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020: Under this  the APMC is exempted from selling its produce outside agricultural mandis. MSP on this type of purchase Will not apply, while MSP will be applied within the mandis.
> Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Convention on Price Assurance and Agricultural Services Act, 2020 

>Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020: According to the Essential Commodities Act Limits will only be set  when prices of perishable foods like onions, potatoes, tomatoes  increase by 100% and non perishable will increase by more than 50% in the stock. 

If a dispute arises between the farmer and the businessman, they can go to the subdivisi…

'Life in miniature' project

'Life in miniature' project
The Union Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched the 'Life in Miniature' project. This is a joint project of national Museum,New Delhi and Google Arts and Culture.
In the project, people from all over the world will be able to see hundreds of miniatures on Google Arts and Culture from today. And can also experience on Online audience of traditional Indian architecture on Google Arts and Culture app and Experience the first augmented reality-driven art gallery designed within the project. 
Technologies like machine learning, augmented reality and digitization with high definition robotic cameras Magically display these special works of art.

About the Malabar Naval Exercise

Malabar Naval Exercise
Government of India announced that the Australian Navy will be involved in the Malabar exercise to be held in November 2020.Thus all four quad countries (India-US-Japan-Australia) will participate in this exercise. As we know that earlier in the year 2018, India had denied Australia's participation in the practice.

About the Malabar Naval Exercise:

Quintenan- A tripartite military practice held annually between the Indo-US-Japan navies. 
Malabar Naval Exercise was started as a Bilateral Between India And America In 1992.
It took place as a naval exercise.
It became a trilateral military exercise since Japan joined the exercise in the year 2015.

Kapila Siksha Abhiyan and its aim

A program launched by Central education minister Ramesh Pokhariyal on the 89th birth anniversary of former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam. KAPILA stands for Kalaam Program for Literacy and Awareness. It is an intellectual property literacy and awareness program.
The main aim of this program is to make India self dependent in the patents of invention and discoveries.  To educate students about  the patent systems. Make people aware of the patents .
Students studying in the higher education will be able to patent their inventions easily using this program.
This program is launched on the national innovation day occurs every year on 15th of October. And it is also decided to celebrate 15th to 23rd October as intellectual property literacy week every year.
Note; Indian ranks 48th on the world innovation index 2020.

what is minimum support price (msp) and CAPC?

The minimum support price is the price by which the product cannot be purchased directly from the farmer by giving a lower price due to the bumper production of a crop or its excess in the market, its price is declared in comparison, government agencies purchase most of the crops of farmers at minimum support price. The government announces the minimum support price before sowing the crop. Announcement of MSP Rabi and Kharif seasons are done twice a year by the government on the recommendation of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices.The main objective of the minimum support price is to protect the farmers from exploitation by middlemen. Their yield Grain is to be provided to the people by the public distribution system.

Commission for agricultural cost and price (CACP)

The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices is an attached office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India. This commission came into existence in January 1965. This commi…

What's Ayushman Sahkar Scheme?

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has launched the 'Ayushman Sahakar' scheme on October 19, 2020. The scheme has been formulated by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) which is responsible for the welfare of agriculture and farmer and also the highest autonomous development finance institute under the ministry.
About this scheme:
»Under this scheme, loans will be provided for opening of hospitals, medical colleges in rural areas to the cooperative institutions. 
- NCDC has announced a loan of 10 thousand crores for this in the next few years.
Around 52 hospitals in the country are operated by cooperative societies. Number of beds in these hospitals are  5,000.
- Under this scheme, interest subsidy is also provided to those cooperatives where women cooperatives have a significant presence throughout the country and especially in rural areas. 

Cooperative societies are working among the farmers in various fields. Among them, there are some cooperative …

What is Kamdhenu Deepawali Abhiyan? National Gokul Mission UPSC

On 12th october 2020, Kamdhenu commission started 'Kamdhenu Deepawali Bhiyan'. Its main objective is to increase the use of cowdung in the festival needs. In this Program National Kamdhenu Commission will promote Diya, Dhop, Agarbatti, Laxmi , murti, and other statues made of cowdung. Its target is to make approx 33 crore diyas by 11 crore families. This initiative is mainly started by ministry of fish, poultry and dairy.

National Kamdhenu Commission

It was started in 2019 for the conservation of cows in the country with the Gokul Mission. It works with the help of  agricultural universities who also works in the field of Cow reproduction, biogas, and bio fertilizers. Government passed budget of rs 750 crore for the Gokul Mission.
National Gokul Mission

This mission is launched in the country for the conservation of various types of breeds of cows.

To develop and conserve the native breeds of by central and scientific way.
To increase the production of milk.
To  promote bre…

What is Television Rating Points TRP? Write Importance of TRP

What is television rating point? 
The ratings system in India is based on numbers and their meaning. It is called as Television Rating System. The numbers that are assigned by these ratings can be based on various factors such as the audience reaction to the show, the number of commercials, the number of characters on the screen and the number of special effects used. Basically, all the factors that are involved in the ratings system are connected with the viewers' response to each show.
Why is there a need for a rating point?
When you are watching a television program, you may see a number of people talking and laughing or else you might be watching something that is very serious. But whatever it may be, the main purpose of the number of viewers that are watching is to be able to know how the program is performing.
You can also go online and check out the websites that are providing the ratings of television shows. These sites usually provide different kinds of information that you c…