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Monday, October 26, 2020

Important current affair questions for UPSC October 2020

Answer the following questions based on Current Affairs Notes: -
State PSC: -
1 Comment on the state of tourism in India (6 markers)
2 'Fiber to home' scheme (3 markers)
3. Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation Project (3 markers)
4. National Green Tribunal (NGT) (3 markers)
5. What do you understand by multipurpose irrigation project? (3 markers)
6. Pink Dolphin (3 markers)
7. ICT Grand Challenge (3 markers)
8. Multi-model logistic park (3 markers)
9. Bharatmala Project (3 markers)
1. Modernizing the infrastructure is essential to speed up the country's economy, discuss with reference to the proposed multi-model logistic park (250 words)
2. Analyze the factors influencing the usefulness of tourism to India (250 words)

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