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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What is Kamdhenu Deepawali Abhiyan? National Gokul Mission UPSC

On 12th october 2020, Kamdhenu commission started 'Kamdhenu Deepawali Bhiyan'. Its main objective is to increase the use of cowdung in the festival needs. In this Program National Kamdhenu Commission will promote Diya, Dhop, Agarbatti, Laxmi , murti, and other statues made of cowdung. Its target is to make approx 33 crore diyas by 11 crore families. This initiative is mainly started by ministry of fish, poultry and dairy.

National Kamdhenu Commission

It was started in 2019 for the conservation of cows in the country with the Gokul Mission. It works with the help of  agricultural universities who also works in the field of Cow reproduction, biogas, and bio fertilizers. Government passed budget of rs 750 crore for the Gokul Mission.
National Gokul Mission

This mission is launched in the country for the conservation of various types of breeds of cows.

To develop and conserve the native breeds of by central and scientific way.
To increase the production of milk.
To  promote breed imrovement programs.


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