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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Throw light on the literary contributions of Jagnik.

Jagnik was born in a Bhatt Bhraman family, his full name was Jagnik Bhatta. He was the prime feudal of King Parmal. Jagnik has an important place in the poets of the Veeragatha period of folk literature. His time was believed to be between the 11th and 12th centuries. Jagnik was a court poet of King Parmar Chandel of Kalinjar and was a contemporary of Adi poet Chandbardayi of Hindi. Jagnik composed "Parmar Raso" and "Allhakhand". Although this poetry was not available in writing, it continued to be popular by surviving oral traditions.

Jagnik wrote Alhakhand which is popularly known as Alha."Alhakhand" belongs to the dynasty of Mahoba in which there is a story of 2 feudatories named Alha and Udal. The king himself was Bhiru and infirm, but his wife Malhna joined the war with the help of these heroes. At the end of the book, there is a compassionate scene All the heroes are killed and the queens become sati.

52 war in Alhakhand are described in the Ojami style. From this point of view, it is the longest folk tale in the world full of gallantry and makeup.

Some of the poems of this poet are as follows-

Live twelve years of poultry, live thirteen live jackals, live eighteen years canopy, damn life ahead. In this way, these compositions have become the heritage of public life, not the work of Jagnik.


  1. what is the source of writing jagnik as Bhatt brahmin.
    FYI, Bhatt which used to sing the 'clan Legends' were not Brahmins.

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