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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

localization of cement industries in Madhya Pradesh.

Cement is extensively produced in the madhya pradesh region. Cement factories were established here before independence. cement is one Of the minerals to be mined in Madhya Pradesh, only lime is extensively used for industrial use. It is the raw material for cement production. The state has an abundance of  limestone deposits based on which cement factories have been set up. ACC, the first cement factory in the state Established in 1922-23 at Banmour (Morena). Subsequently, a Partland Cement (1922–23) and an Asbestos (1935) Cement: factory were set up at the time of independence, these three cement factories currently have 23 cement factories registered. Distribution of cement factories is linked to lime reserves. The state has significant age lime deposits ranging from Damoh district to Jabalpur, Katni, Rewa, Satna and Sidhi districts. The major cement factories of the state are located in this particualr area These include Jabalpur, Kaimur near Katni, Maihar in Satna, Satna, Ramvan, Naubasta in Rewa and Narsingarh in Damoh. 

There are mini cement plants in Damoh and Sidhi. Mandsaur-Neemuch is the second major sector of the cement industry. Here cement factories are located in Nayagaon, Javad and Khor. These two cities are also having cement factories in Bamore of Shivpuri, Malanpur of Bhind, Kareli of Narsinghpur, Kardia of Dhar, Sardarpur and Jirabad in Bamnaur of  Morena. The raw material of cement industry is such that it is economical to transport  far. it is not beneficial. This is the reason that these factories are set up near the limestone fields. Clay is found in the layers of limestone as well. Satna and Kaimur factories get coal from the nearby coal mines, Umaria, etc. Another requirement of the cement factory is large amount of water. The Kaimur factory may receive water collected in the lime mines. Therefore, it is necessary to properly manage its traffic. Therefore, factories are set up near the main railway route. Simultaneously, Kaimur also has a huge factory for making asbestos and cement sheets.

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