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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The problems of water resources in Madhya Pradesh.

M.P. Naturally rich region and water is an important and indispensable resource among these natural resources. Madhya Pradesh is called the maiden of rivers, that is, many small and big rivers flow here. Apart from this, wells and tube wells are also important water resources and ponds are also important sources of water resources of the state. Despite these water resources, many problems of water resources exist which can be briefly understood as follows-

1 rain-based rivers - M.P. Rivers are the most important source of water resources of the state, but the water of the rivers of the state is rainfed. That is why most of the rivers of the state dry up in summer and water
A crisis arises. Therefore, there are no concrete projects for perennial water flow to rivers in the state.

2 Dams are very expensive - since MP The main source of water in the rivers is the rivers, which can be dealt with by stopping the water from the dams, but the cost of the dams is high and the displacement and rehabilitation of the dams in large quantities, along with the slowing of the construction process. Being is also a hindrance in this.

3 falling ground water level - M.P. Ground water is an important source of water resources, but due to excessive and illegal exploitation of this water, its level is continuously falling. In many places it has gone down to hundreds of fits. Currently it has taken the form of a serious problem. The serious problem is water pollution. Rising water pollution has caused rivers,
The ponds have also polluted the ground water as well.

4 Water pollution- M.P. One of the many problems of water resources of the country is serious water pollution. Increasing water pollution has polluted the rivers and ponds as well as the ground water.

5 Conservation of water resources and no proper exploitation - M.P. Among the problems of water resources of the state, it is also important that a comprehensive policy and project to save and conserve water resources
There is no and what is not is also not properly followed. Apart from this, the methods of exploitation are also done in arbitrary ways rather than under the rules, which has threatened the existence of these resources.

Apart from this, problems like lack of public awareness, lack of proper and rigorous water policy, neglected attitude of the government, lack of finance, etc. have also remained a problem in the development of the state's water resources in order to protect and provide water resources. Therefore, quick and serious steps should be taken to overcome these problems in time, otherwise without this invaluable and indispensable resource of nature, there will be trouble on human life.

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