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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The role of Information Technology in Rural development.

Rural Development & Information 
Technology : Rural India is on the way of a transformation. A transformation that will unlock the potential of village communities and transform the socio economic lanscape of rural India.
Join Hands to reach out to 600,000 villages through the proposed
100,000 Common Service centres (CSCS) an initiative facilitated by the
Department of Information Technology, Government of India. The CSCS seek to transfom rural India by providing access'to

e- Government services
Health and Tele-medicine
Financial services
and much more.

Through the use of Intermet, computers and Information and Communication Technologies. A shot of such ICT enabled government and private services through the CSCS, will empower rural populations like never before.
Expression of Interest (EOI) is invited from corporate houses, social development organisations, trusts or NGOS driven by a passio for
sustainable rural dévelopment with relevant experience in technology
enabled interventions, employment generation, marketing, and social
change, you can participate in this unique initiative as a Service Centre
Agency (SCA). A SCa would be responsible for developing managing and mointoring effecting and sustainable business models for CSC in a public
private partners (PPP) mode over one or more districts in a state. Government of India intends to provide financial support to the SCAS and facilitate delivery of govemment and private sector content and services through the CSC to create economically sustainable models for
social development. 

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