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Monday, September 7, 2020

Distinguish between Lapse Rate and Adiabatic Rate.

- Height of the atmosphere as well as the rate of heat loss, which is usually expressed in degrees per thousand feet Fahrenheit or centigrade degrees per hundred meters. Its average value in the lower part of the atmosphere is 6.50 c. Per km, it happens. This rate varies according to the geographical location and weather conditions during the day time season. It is therefore called the "Environmental Loss Rate". When the air is dry, the Haas rate increases to about 100 C. Per km But when air, water vapor
Saturated with water then decreases to 50 s. Per km, It happens.
The adiabatic process refers to a process carried out in a thermodynamic body in which thermal energy is not exchanged between the body and the external environment at the time of transformation. Many of the rapid chemical and physical processes are thermodynamic processes or adjacent to the Wikipedia: cryospheric process, but heat is exchanged in the process before or after the spore.

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