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Monday, May 10, 2021

imp gk question answerk series for various competitive exams

Where is the Rail Coach Factory located in Madhya Pradesh? - Bhopal

Abhidhamma Pitaka is related to which religion? -Budhdha religion

What other name is Cap Comorin? - Kanyakumari

What is the name of India's largest saltwater lake? - Chilka Lake

When is National Youth Day celebrated? - 12 January

Where is Hazaribagh National Park located? - Jharkhand

For whom was the Ram Roti scheme launched? - For the urban poor

Which is the longest railway platform in India? - Gorakhpur

When is World Press Freedom Day celebrated? - 03 May

Who was the founder of Brahma Samaj? - Raja Ram Mohan Roy

What is the current infant mortality rate per thousand in Madhya Pradesh? - 5

When were the words socialist and secular included in the constitution? 42nd Amendment in 1976

What type of citizenship does the Indian Constitution give us? - Solo

Which city is called Deccan Queen? - Pune

Where is Mahamrityunjaya fair organized? - Reva

In which field is the Iqbal honor given? - Creative Urdu writing

Bandhavgarh National Park is which district in May? - Umaria / Katni

When was the Sabla scheme launched? - 8 March 204 |

Which operation was named Operation Vijay? - Kargil Operation

What is the name of Madhya Pradesh State Secretariat? - Vallabh Bhavan

King Kshatrashal ruled in which region? - Bundelkhand

What percentage of India's forest land is in Madhya Pradesh? - 42.4%

Which is the first biosphere reserve of Madhya Pradesh? - Panchamadi

When was the Marley-Minto Reformation? - 909

What is Chenani-Nashri? - Longest tunnel in India (Jammu Kashmir)

Which district of the state splashes the border of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan? - Morena

In which district is the Malanpur Industrial Development Center located? - Bhind

Where are the hills of Devsar found? - in Singrauli

What is the peak institution of rural credit access institutions in India? - NABARD

What is the new name of Chief Minister free drug delivery scheme? - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel free medicine Distribution plan

What type of soil is found in Morena and Bhind? - Alluvial soil

Which is known as Madhya Pradesh Jallianwala Scandal? - Charan Paduka Destruction

Who ruled Magadha after the Nanda dynasty? - Mother

When is Urban Bodies Day celebrated in Madhya Pradesh? - 2 November

Where is the Thakur Ranmat Singh Stadium located? - Reva

Where is Goodwill Peak located? - Vindhya range

The Saka era was started by - Kanishka

With whom is the Allahabad Pillar inscription related? - Samudragupta

Rotia and Rotele are the tribes of which tribe? - Cove

Who was the founder of "Punjab Naujawan Bharat Sabha" established in 926? - Bhagat Singh

Who is called the "Mother of Indian Revolution"? - Bhikaji Rushtam Cama

Which district is the first place in Mahua production? - Alirajpur

What are the names of two ancient cities of West Malwa? - Ujjaini and Mahishmati

Who was the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh? - Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla

Agar district was carved out of which district? - Shajapur

When was the first sugar mill established in Javra? - 934

Where are the two benches of Jabalpur High Court located? - Gwalior and Indore

Lehngi dance is performed by which tribe? - Saharia

Where is Ashrafi Mahal located? - Mandu

Which district has the highest sugarcane production in the state? - in Narsinghpur

What is the state drama of Madhya Pradesh? - Mach

In which district is Satpura National Park? - Hoshangabad

Deepak Vishwakarma is related to which art? - Sculpture

According to the present announcement, when will the financial year of Madhya Pradesh begin? - | January

When is International Women's Day celebrated? - 8 March

In which district is Dhupgarh peak located? - Hoshangabad

What is the name of the first solar power village of Madhya Pradesh? - Kasturba Village (Indore)

On which river is the Parichha Dam located? - Betwa

Simit which is the international research center of wheat and maize in which district of Madhya Pradesh has been set up? - Jabalpur

Where is Tejaji's fair organized? - fold

Where did the Gokul Gram Yojana start? - Akbarpur (Bhopal)

Dost Mohammad Khan was of which origin? - Afghani

Why is Janapav hill famous? Due to the origin of Chambal

Where is the second women's park in the country established? - Indore

Who was Pandit Keylal Dubey? - First Vidhan Sabha Speaker Madhya Pradesh

Which district is the manganese capital in Madhya Pradesh? - Balaghat

Where is the fair of Kaluji Maharaj organized? - Pippalya Khurd Khargan

Where is the first spice park of Madhya Pradesh located? - Chhindwara

Medha Patkar is associated with which movement? - Save Narmada Movement

Who founded the city of Hoshangabad? - Conscious

Where is the plastic park established? Tamot (Raisen)

What is the purpose of Eklavya Education Development Scheme? - Educating children of tendu leaf collectors

Where is Kalidas Samaroh organized? - Ujjain

Where does dhumani urs think? - sea

When was the National Judicial Academy established in Bhopal? - 994

Where is Sawan-Bhadau Khamba located? - Orchha (Tikamgarh)

Where is Urs of Shahabuddin Auliya organized? - Neemuch

What is the sex ratio of Madhya Pradesh as per 2044 census? - 98

According to the 4 census, which is the largest tribe? - Bhil

Most in Madhya PradeshIn which district do you live? - Hoshangabad

Where is Holkar Stadium located? - Indore

Where is the rock phosphate mineral predominantly found? - Jhabua

What is the name of the first digital village of Madhya Pradesh? - Badjhiri (Bhopal)

Gohad is a part of which district? - Bhind

Where is the fairness fair held? - Khandwa

In which division does Vidisha district fall? - Bhopal

When was the water stop campaign started in Madhya Pradesh? - 200]

Where is the Mayur sanctuary established? - Kattiwada (Alirajpur)

When and where was the Sindhi Academy established? - 4983 (Bhopa

In which ocean do the rivers Tapti and Narmada join? - Arabian Sea

Who has been awarded the Kalidas Samman 206-7? - Bansi call

Wabanathdi Project is between which two states? - Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

Barna Nahar is built on which river? - On the Barna River

Tatya Tope was called hanged? - in Shivpuri

Where did crop insurance scheme start? - Sherpur Sihor

Chatkora dance is performed by which tribe? - Korku

When was the Land Development Bank established in Madhya Pradesh? - 977-78

Where is the first bamboo garden of the state being developed? - Bhopal's Laharpur

Basdeva folk singing is the folk singing of which region? - Baghelkhand

What is the height of Shaurya Smarak? Fit 62

Where is Rajat waterfall located? - Panchmarhi

Why is Goregaon Bhopal famous? - due to 38

Kanara dance is performed by - By Dhobi caste in Central India and Bundelkhand

Where was the first food park established in Madhya Pradesh? - Panwa Village Khargaon

Which is the largest soybean producing district in Madhya Pradesh? - Ujjain

What is the nuclear nuclear plant located? - In Narayanganj of Mandla

Where is Sahastrabahu Temple located in Madhya Pradesh? - Gwalior

Where is the Semi conductor factory established? - Bhopal

In which district is Madhya Pradesh's energy reserves located? - Singrauli

What is the first £ -mandi of the country? - Karond Mandi of Bhopal

Whose composition is Geet Govind? - Jaydev's

Conservation of Asian lions in Madhya Pradesh is being called? - Palpur Kuno (Sheopur)

Jiroti is the folk art of which region? - Nimar Zone

Which is the highest waterfall of India? - Jog Falls

Dabari irrigation project is related to which district? - Alirajpur

When was the Balram Tal scheme launched? - 25 May 2007

When did Narmada Seva Yatra start? -. December 206

Chulia Falls is situated on which river? - Chambal

How much money is paid to the girl child under the Beti scheme of the village? - 500 rupees

Muktamalyad is the creation of - Krishnadeva Rai

In which language is Amuktamalyad composed? - Telugu

Where is Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University located? - Jabalpur

Who built the Gopal Temple at Ujjain? - King Narhari Shah

In which national park did Project Tiger originate in Madhya Pradesh? - Kanha Kisli

Who built the fort of Chanderi? - King Kirtipal

On which river is the former waterfall located? - Tons River

where is Madhav National Park located? - Shivpuri

Where is the center of CIPET in Madhya Pradesh? - Bhopal

By which name is the confluence of river Venganga and Wardha? - death

What is the population growth rate of the state according to Census 2011? - 20.3%

Where is Patalpani waterfall located? - Indore (Chambal)

Where is Kharabuja Mahal located? - in torrent

What is the first solar powered telephone exchange of the state? - Amolpata (Shivpuri)

In which zone is the dance of dance? - Malwa

Which district was known by the name of Jojkamukti in ancient times? - Chhatarpur

Which tributary is Girna river? - Tapti

Where is Karaira Sanctuary located? - Shivpuri

Thapati dance is the favorite dance of which tribe? - Korku

Badwani is situated on the banks of which river? - Narmada

By what name is Daspur presently known? - Mandsaur

Who built the Kandariya Mahadev Temple? - Yashovarman

Population density of Madhya Pradesh 20. According to the census of 236 people per class Km

How many bio-divisions of Madhya Pradesh are divided? - in three parts

What is the other name of the Samrat Ashok Sagar Project? - Hallali Project

 Industrial Development Center Pratappur is in which district? - Tikamgarh

Where is the tomb of Gona Begum? - Noorabad (Morena)

Burhanpur is situated on the banks of which river? - Tapti

 In which year were the Khajurahas included in the World Heritage? - 1986

How much percentage of manganese reserves in the country in Madhya Pradesh? - 50%

Where is Madhya Pradesh Government Forest University is superficial? - Balaghat

Where is Baudadh University located? - Sanchi (Raisen)

Where is Jawaharlal Nehru Police Training Academy located? - sea

Where is the country's first optical fiber factory located? - Mandideep (Raisen)

Who ruled Madhya Pradesh after Maurya? - Kushan

Mandsaur is situated on the banks of which river? - Shivna River

Orchha town is situated on the bank of which river? Betwa

 Ahilya Bai is related to which dynasty? - Holkar

in which district is the Saas-Bahu inscription located? - Morena

When was the Madhya Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation established? - 962

Why the first sermon of Buddha?Or where? - Dharmachakra Enforcement

When was the Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy established? 969

Where is the fair of Jal Bihari organized? - Chhatarpur

Where is Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy located? - Bhopal

When was the Kalidas Academy established? - 977 (Ujjain)

Where is Jahangir Mahal located? - Orchha

Where is Chambal Gharial sanctuary? - Morena

When was the treaty of Allahabad? - 765 in

To whom did Maharaja Dilip Singh presented the Kohinoor diamond? - Queen Victoria

Which city is the first place in the cleanliness survey 207? - Indore

What is the birthplace name of famous writer Sharad Joshi? - Ujjain (93)

Where is the Ramayana Museum established? - in Orchha

Where is the fort of Veer Singh Bundela located? - Datia

Where is the Tansen ceremony held? - in Gwalior

Where is the game movement published? - Indore

On what basis were the British removed the ruler of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah? - Based on misrule

Vansagar Bandh is situated on which river? - Son River

Muraina is situated on the banks of which river? - Chambal

Where is Ratapani Sanctuary located? - in Raisen

Where is the Shaurya Smarak located? - in Bhopal

When was the Khajuraho dance festival started? - in 976

What was Minto Hall? - Old Assembly

When was the tansen award started? - 980s

Which city is situated on the bank of Khan river? - Indore

Who was defeated by Clive in 85.757? - Siraj Dowla

Who banned the Sati system? - Lord William Bentick

Where is Roopmati Mahal located? - Mandu

The first mobile bank was opened in Khargone, what was its name? - Laxmi Vahini Mobile Bank

Haribhumiya fair is called? - Gwalior

When was the Ram Roti scheme started? - 2040

Contigency fund is mentioned in which part of the constitution? - Part 2 (Article 267)

Where is Pitambra Shakti Peeth located? - Datia

Where are the caves of Mrigendranath located? - Raisen

Who built the fort of Narnar? - Raja Nal (Shivpuri)

Which is the latest district of Madhya Pradesh? - Agar Malwa

Where is the State Tribal Museum located in Madhya Pradesh? - in Bhopal

Wansagar project is a joint project of which two states? - Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

Which district is associated with the world famous Bhairugarh? - from Ujjain

Which city is second in the Sanitation Survey? - Bhopal

Where are the Wagh caves located? - Gush

When did the Constituent Assembly set up a drafting committee? - 29 August 947

Wicklerang rehabilitation center has been established? - Jabalpur

Madhya Pradesh Ritu Observatory is located in - Indore

Part 4A of the Constitution relates to - Fundamental Duties

In which district is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park located? - Straight

Which article related to speaking in Parliament in your native language? - Article 20

Where is the Institute of Disaster Management located in Madhya Pradesh? - in Bhopal

Why is Jamgodarani of Dewas famous? - For wind power plant

Which tribe inhabits Patalkot Chhindwara? - Bharia tribe

Where is George Castle building located? - Madhav National Park

On which river is the Chacha Jalparpat? - Rugged River Rewa

Where is the tomb of Hoshang Shah? - Mandu

The Governor is appointed by the Governor through which article? - Article 65

Who is called Jaidev of Bundelkhand? - Isuri

Where was the capital of Tipu Sultan - Srirangapatnam

When was Clavieve appointed Governor of Bengal? - 7757 AD

Who had ended the double rule? - Warren Hastings

On the basis of population, which place of Madhya Pradesh is located in India? - Fifth

Where is the first model blood bank of Madhya Pradesh located? - Hamidia Hospital (Bhopal)

Where is Pandava Caves located? - Pachmarhi (Hoshangabad)

The confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda is called? - Dev in Prayag

With which sport is Somdev Devvarman associated? - Tennis

Anemometer is used to measure what? - Wind velocity

Shanti Ghati is in which state? - Kerala

Which five-year plan's main objective was economic self-sufficiency? - Fourth plan

When was the live Udayan Dindori established? - 968

When was the Madhya Pradesh Seed and Farm Development Corporation established? - 4980 (Bhopal)

Where is the fair of Pir Budhan held? - in Shivpuri

Palpur Koon Sanctuary is located in which district? - Sheopur

The Badhai dance is the famous dance of which region? - Bundelkhand

In which Schedule of the Constitution are the official languages ​​mentioned? - Eighth

Who was the first Chief Minister of a divided Madhya Pradesh? - Digvijay Singh

Who was the first Chief Minister of undivided Madhya Pradesh? - Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla

When was the Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad established? - 952

Where is the Institute of Forestry Research and Human Development located in Madhya Pradesh?  Chhindwara

Which is the traditional dance of Indian tribe? - Ahirai

Where is the Indian Hotel Management Institute located in Madhya Pradesh? - Bhopal

When was the Indira Gandhi National Human Museum established? - 4985

Where is the first Shiva museum of the country established? - Bhojpur (RaiSen)

In which field is the Vishnu Sridhar Wakankar National Award given by the Government of Madhya Pradesh? - For the preservation of purasampada

When was the Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Parishad established? 954

Where is the first gas based power plant located? - Bhander (Datia)

Where is the first open prison located? - Mungavali (Ashoknagar)

In which district is the Bori Sanctuary located? - Hoshangabad

Narmada originates from? - from Amarkantak

What is the height of Dhupgarh? - 350 m

Where is the Bhoj Open University located? - Bhopal

When was the organic farming policy of Madhya Pradesh implemented? - July 2047

How much award amount is given in Eklavya Award given by the state government? - Rs 50,000 / -

Where is the Note Press located in Madhya Pradesh? - Dewas

What is the tenure of the members of Rajya Sabha? - 6 years

Who has been given the status of state fish in Madhya Pradesh? - Mahashir

What is the number of Zilla Panchayats in Madhya Pradesh? - 5

Where is the mosque of Lot? - in torrent

Who was the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha? - Meera Kumar

Where is the Rice Research Center located in Madhya Pradesh? - Badvani

When was the Gajararaje Medical College established? - 946

Which dam is built on the Vainganga river? - Bhimgarh Dam

Who uses Article 23? - Governor

Fen sanctuary is located in which district? - Mandla

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