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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Why do people envolve in the corruption.

Corruption is a complex process due to many reasons. It is easy to talk about corruption, but in this technological age it is a difficult task to understand its reasons. Many factors are responsible for corruption - historical, social, economic and political. Here an attempt has been made to discuss these reasons / factors as follows.

Historical reason - The root of corruption in India lies in British colonial rule. British rule was not in favor of all-round development. He used to appoint British people to high positions
He used to pay salaries, used to appoint Indians to the lower posts and was paid less, due to which he used corrupt methods. After World War II, many kinds of controls ensued due to lack of war.
Were done, which gave low-level employees the opportunity to adopt corrupt methods and then took this opportunity as a habit. Corruption was at its highest level during World War II.

Concept of environment - The second most important cause of corruption in government service is rapid urbanization and industrialization. In this process only the fundamental property status and economic power determine the prestige and importance in the society. Since the salary is low. And as inflation has remained unchanged, government employees easily fall prey to corruption in order to maintain their reputation in society.

Economic Causes - Inadequate remuneration from salary scales and increasing expenditure of living is probably one of the important reasons for corruption. In the last years there has been a rapid increase in living expenses, which has reduced the real income of various sections of the society, especially the salaried people. The desire to look dignified by acquiring property encouraged those who had opportunities to subdue the temptations.

Lack of harsh public opinion against the evil of corruption - People do not complain to the government against corrupt employees, rather they bribe to fulfill their wrong demands. However, the trend has declined somewhat in recent years.

Complex and cumbersome functioning and procedures of government offices - It is alleged that the functioning of government departments such as tariffs, central products, imports - exports, railways, supplies and disposals, income tax, police etc. are complex, cumbersome, long-term, and
Is delayed. This has encouraged dishonest practices like 'quick settlement money'.

Inadequate laws to deal with corruption - The laws related to corruption and the Indian Penal Code are outdated and have inadequate punishment laws. Penalty for corrupt employees under laws
It takes time to get it done. To eliminate corruption, short litigation system and severe punishment should be given. Accordingly, there is a need to change the laws.

Improper protection given to government employees in India - Article 311 of the Constitution of India provides for the protection of government employees. This Article 311, as enunciated by our Courts, has made it difficult for the corrupt employees to act effectively. Due to the nexus of high officials with corrupt employees, the situation became more serious due to reluctance of high officials to take disciplinary action against corrupt employees.

Business and industrial rich individuals and others for personal self-realization - big businessmen, unscrupulous, shopkeepers, suppliers and contractors bribe them to get unfair benefits from government employees. Sometimes they distribute a part of the unearned profit to the government employees.

Pressure Groups - It is said that industrial pressure groups like FICCI, CII Assochain promote corruption through their activities to get help to serve the interests of their community. They
Through dinners, parties, snacks, etc., the ruling elite influence the class.

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