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Friday, August 28, 2020

What is remote sensing technology and how does it work ?

Remote sensing is a method by which information related to the Earth's surface is collected and recorded. The method used in this is not directly related to surface movements. Remote sensing techniques include photography infrared imagery and radars of aircraft, satellites and spacecraft. Aircraft and satellites are its two main planes, but in the current scientific perspective, it means taking a picture of a terrain of the Earth from a platform in the sky (eg airplanes, satellites or balloons). It is such an advanced mode through which the study of the earth's surface forms and resources without any physical contact at the height is studied by scientific method.
goes. The technique of remote sensing is mainly divided into two types, active and passive, depending on the nature of the sensor. mostly
Sun active sensors by passive sensors are those that generate electromagnetic radiation by themselves and
Throwing saws of the earth and recording reflected rays. Aerial photographs and satellite images are the two major products of remote sensing.
The reflective light of remote sensing which is being used in many other works from scientific studies is used. Organizing and monitoring all the functions of remote sensing
is. Remote Sensing Center in India is operated by Hyderabad, an agency working under the Department of Space, Ministry of Science, Government of India. The use of this technique can be achieved quickly with surface phenomena. With the technology of telemedicine, it has become very easy to evaluate the regional expansion and impact of the events and changes happening on the environment and the ground. With its use, it is possible to get information about spatial and temporal changes. This way. It is possible to assess the nature of nature and its effects accurately. In the last four decades, it has become a major tool of information collection on almost every aspect of the Earth and has become an indispensable tool for compilation of geographical information. Also, a large area can be measured in a very short time. By using these techniques, the state of any natural resource, the sensing method can be easily understood about the quantity and its variation. Thus it can be said that remote sensing satellites provide the required data for the implementation of various projects. Images obtained from remote sensing satellites give information about our natural resources and their relatedness. This situation has changed considerably since the invention of satellite-based remote sensing in the last century. It has now become an indispensable tool for compiling geographic information. In the last nearly 20 years, remote sensing satellites of various capacities have been installed in space, thereby continuously receiving remote sensing data.
Huh. In recent years, with the availability of extremely high spatial resolution satellites, its use has increased manifold. Remote sensing in India has been used for various uses during the last four decades and has contributed significantly to the development.

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