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Monday, September 7, 2020

what is the New Forest Policy (2005) of Madhya Pradesh.

- Madhya Pradesh is a prosperous state in view of forest wealth, whose conservation and promotion is necessary. In view of this, the new forest policy of the state has been approved in the meeting of the Council of Ministers on 4 April 2005. However, before this, the state forest policy of 1952 in the undivided state was applicable in Madhya Pradesh. Due to the passage of time of about 52 years, this policy was required to undergo major changes as a result of many changes and the need for specific geographical, social, and economic conditions of the state. Apart from this, in the year 1988, the revised National Forest Policy was declared, according to the provisions of which, it was necessary to make arrangements in the state's forest policy. In the earlier forest policy, where revenue income was given priority, in the current policy, considering it as secondary, the main goal is forested.
Sustainable management of the environment is to protect the environment and provide employment to local communities, increase their means of income, and fulfill their needs. Forest management work in the earlier policy where
Under the strict control of the department was done through contractors, in the present policy, the development of forests has been given importance with public participation. New forest
The policy lays special emphasis on the production of timber wood as well as production, processing and value addition of minor forest produce, bows, and medicinal species.

Adequate emphasis has been laid on the all-round development of deforested communities and the empowerment of women. Create opportunities for the continuous availability of forest-based alternative employment for destitute families. To administer forest areas expeditiously resolving all pending disputes of boundaries and
Completion of demarcation of forest blocks. Currently encroached areas basic forested
Action will be taken. Extension of communication facilities like BATAR system etc. to strengthen forest protection system. Special prevention in sensitive areas. In addition to converting forest villages into revenue villages. To demarcate early and effectively prevent future encroachments
Provisions such as the provision of security forces, strong weapons, and making available weapons to forest personnel as per the new forest policy.

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