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Monday, September 14, 2020

The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act of the Indian Constitution.

42nd Constitutional Amendment Act 1976 of the Indian Constitution during the rule of Indira Gandhi was brought to work. Due to the two-third majority of the Congress in both the Houses of Parliament on the recommendations of the Swarn Singh Commission / Committee, the ruling party unanimous in the constitution uninterrupted Amendments could be made. The amendment was so comprehensive and pithy that it was considered a revision of the constitution. The Act covers 58 sections related to the amendment under which changes have been made in the Preamble of the Constitution, 53 Articles, and the 7th Schedule. The following are the main provisions of the 49th Constitution Amendment -

1 Preamble- Three new words' Socialism ',' Secular ', and Akhandata' have been added to the Preamble.

2 Fundamental Rights - By adding Article 31-C, a provision was made that the liquidity could be amended to give effect to the Directive Principles of Policy.

3 Directive Principles of State Policy - This amendment not only increased the importance of the Directive Principles of State Policy but also increased its number. Under this, 3 new articles, article 39 (a), article 43 (a), and Article 48 (a) was added.

4 Fundamental Duties - 10 basic duties of citizens were mentioned by adding a new Part 4 (a) and Article 51-A in the Constitution.

5.There was an increase of one year in the working hours of the 5 Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies.

Article 312 provides for the constitution of All India Judicial Setting under All India Services.

7 The Center was empowered to deploy Central Security Forces in the states at any time.

8 Parliament was empowered to make this determination on which post is a term of profit

9 It was provided that quorum is not necessary for Parliament and State Legislatures.

10. The Constitution amendment made by the Parliament was barred from challenging in the Court.

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