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Monday, September 14, 2020

Describe the characteristics of Renaissance.

The following are the characteristics of the Renaissance -

(1) The development of inquisitive and investigative vision - that is, as a result of individualism, the human being was considered responsible for the works, which led to the birth of new geographical discoveries.

 (2) Development of adventurous sentiments - Due to increasing intellectual importance, a logical attitude developed in people and different kinds of ideas and research started to develop.  Lack of control of the church also gave people an opportunity to demonstrate their potential and they also got credit for it.

(3) Humanism - In the Renaissance period, the center of thinking was human, in fact humanism has been the soul of the Renaissance.

(4) Development of versatility - In the reconnaissance period, versatility developed - Leonardo the Vinci was equipped with various talents such as mathematician, philosopher, botanist, geologist, painter, sculptor.

(5) Individualism - In the medieval period human achievements were considered to be the gift of God, but in the Renaissance, the person was associated with his work, which showed his own importance and increased his own importance.

(6) Secularism - that is, to liberate man from religious fanatics and superstitions, his life was to be freed from religious control and to emphasize on Ihlok.
(7) Rationalistic nature - In the medieval period it was believed that the concept of 'know then' was developed, but in the Renaissance, 'know' then 'keep away' as if the concept of was adopted.

(8) Worship of natural beauty - meaning that the beauty of a normal human free from religion was given importance, as Monalisa was not a special beauty or princess.  She is the mysterious smile of a simple-looking woman.

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