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Monday, September 7, 2020

Describe the geographical characteristics of Indianislands.

India is the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of area. It is natural that its geographical features are also huge. It is located in the northern part of the Indo-Australian Plate in the Indian Plate. A total of 247 islands are included within the Indian territory, of which 204 are spread over the Bay of Bengal and the rest in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Mannar (between India and Sri Lanka). In terms of structure, the islands of the Gulf differ from the oceanic islands. The Arabian sea island is coral, while the island of the Bay of Bengal is associated with tertiary mountains. Total islands can be classified into two categories - offshore islands 1 to 5 km from the coast. It is located at a distance and remote island which is 5 km from the coast. Located farther than.

1 Island of the Bay of Bengal - The islands of the Bay of Bengal are of mountainous formation characteristic of the Tertiary period, which is situated at a height of 750 meters above sea level. There are 204 islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is 220 km from the mainland of the country. The island is located at a distance of 590 km. Length and maximum 50 km. Are spread in the half-width form in width. These are found here as archipelagos, separated from each other by narrow creeks. Andaman and Nicobar are the islands here. It is situated on two major series of submerged hills in the Bay of Bengal. Some of these originated from volcanic eruptions. India's only active volcano is located on Baron Island in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands.

2 Arabian Sea Islands - The Arabian Sea Islands are the residual part of the ancient Gondwanaland plot. It is built by coral reefs. There are 43 islands in the Arabian Sea, together they are called Lakshadweep. Among them, Lakshadiv, Minicoy, and Aminidivi are the main islands. Their area is 32 sq km. is. These islands are composed of annular coral reefs. Their shape is similar to a horseshoe or ring. Coconut trees grow more on these islands.

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