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Monday, September 14, 2020

The chambal project and dams on this river

Electricity and water are most important in the basic infrastructure of the development of the state, and the solution to both these problems is hidden in the river valley projects. Keeping this fact in mind, many river valley projects are being operated in the state. The initial and important point of this series is the Chambal Valley River Project, ie it is the first river valley project in the state which was started in 1953-54. This project M.P. And Rajasthan has a joint project which was intended to make irrigation, electricity, and a large sandy area green. This multipurpose project has been constructed on the Chambal River in the state, under which three dams have been constructed and a Kota Barrage Canal System has been developed. Their brief description is as follows -

Gandhi Sagar Dam - Gandhi Sagar Dam has been built in Bhanpura Tehsil of Mandsaur District of Madhya Pradesh. Its construction work in the year 1960. was done. This dam is 514 m. Long and 64 m. Is high A full 5 m Chowdri road has been built on it. Its reservoir has a capacity of 77,460 lakh hectares of water. Two canals were built on either side of the dam. Out of the total length of these canals, 261 km. In Rajasthan and 641 km. It is in Madhya Pradesh. These canals irrigate 11 lakh acres of land. This total. Power generation capacity. 15 MW out of which 50% ie 57.5 MW MP Is part of.

Rana Pratap Sagar - This dam is 56 km from Gandhi Sagar. Is built below and its work ended in 1970. It is located in Rawat Bhata which comes under the Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan. The maximum height of this dam is 54 m. And length 1143 m. is. The reservoir has a capacity of 1 567 million cubic meters. This dam is irrigating 1.2 lakh hectares of land. Its power generation capacity is 172 MW, out of which 86 MW is MP. Comes in the part of

Jawahar Sagar- Jawahar Sagar is about 32 km from Barh Rana Pratap Sagar. It is built near the village of Bravas. It is in the Kota district and is also known as Kota Dam. The dam is 548 meters long and 2,5 meters high. The water storage capacity of this reservoir is 18000-hectare meter. Under this, three devices have been installed for power generation in the powerhouse, each of which has a capacity of 33000 kW. The generating capacity of this center is 99 MW. Out of this, 50% ie 49.5 MW MP Is part of.

Kota Barrage - 16 km from Kota (Jawahar Sagar) Dam. Further, a barrage (irrigation blocker) has been constructed near Kota Nagar. It was started in 1954. This dam is 600 m. It is long and 36 m high. Its water storage capacity is 76,460 lakh cubic meters. Two canals have been drawn from this dam. The canal on the right is M.P. Comes towards This M.P. Irrigates 1.70 lakh hectares of land. This canal is used for irrigation in Sheopur, Bhind, and Morena districts.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Chambal river valley project is the first multipurpose river valley project in the state which has been jointly built with the state of Rajasthan, which not only enhances the irrigation, drinking water, and electric potential of both the states, but also the large sandy Makes the area green. Apart from this, Chambal also controls the problem of soil erosion by heavy. Thus, this project is socially, geographically, economically, and environmentally important.

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