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Monday, September 14, 2020

How paintings developed during the period of Jahangir

Mughal painting reached its peak during the era of Jahangir. The person with a Jahangir connoisseur vision was the common law of this dynasty that different painters used to draw faces, bodies, and feet of individuals in the same picture. Jahangir claimed that he could recognize the work of every painter in any painting. Aurangzeb Chami coordinated the themes of Indo-Jain painting and previous traditions in the 18th century in the West Mughal tradition with Mughal forms and styles in the Rajasthani style of painting. In this way, in addition to hunting and court scenes, portraits were made on mythological themes such as Krishna's Premlila with Radha, on the Bahamas i.e. on the seasons and on the ragas. The style will also continue these traditions. During the period of Jahangir, there was special progress in drawing images of hunting, war, and court scenes, besides making pictures of individuals and animals. Mansoor's name was famous in this region. At this time the trend of portrait (portrait) was also increased. The tradition continued under Shah Jahan too, but due to Aurangzeb's no interest in painting, painters were scattered in different parts of the country. This brought new life to the heirs of the painting but the development of painting in the hill states of Rajasthan and Punjab.

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