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Monday, September 14, 2020

Powers of Central Government under Environmental Protection Act

The main objective of the Environmental Protection Act was implemented with effect from November 19, 1986, with the objective of protecting the environment, improving the environment, and providing subjects related to the environment. Under which the following powers have been conferred by the Central Government -

1 Central Government in the quality of the environment has the power to improve, prevent environmental pollution, control, and eliminate environmental pollution.

2 The Central Government may, or may appoint such posts and officers for the purpose of this Act and may delegate such powers and functions under this Act as it thinks fit.

3. The Central Government may be able to exercise its powers under this Act and give directions to a person, officer, or authority in the discharge of its functions and they shall have to comply with such directions.

4 Determining standards in various aspects of the environment.

5 Determination of standards of emission or discharge of environmental pollution from various sources.

6 Identifying and prohibiting areas in which polluting industries, processing industries, processes cannot be operated or operated with appropriate safety measures.

Determining procedures and safety measures to prevent accidents that can cause environmental pollution.

8 such manufacturing processes, testing of materials that can cause environmental pollution.

9 To sponsor investigations and research related to problems of environmental pollution.

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