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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Give an account of physical feature of Kerala State.

Kerala is a state in the southwest corner of India. This state is also known as "Guys on Country". The area of ​​Kerala is 38,863 sq. Km. And the population is approximately 33,406,061. The state borders with one side and also has seas connected with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum, is the capital of Kerala and its Kovalam beach is famous worldwide. The state of Kerala is divided into 14 districts. Every state has its own importance. Kerala is situated between the Western Ghats and Lakshadweep. 590 km in the state Has a long coastline. The state sea can be divided into three special zones. Eastern Highland, Central Midland and Western Lowland. The eastern region of the state consists of high hills, rivulets and valleys, which is just west of the Western Ghats. There are 41 west flowing and 3 east flowing rivers from this region. The high seas of the Western Ghats
It is about 4920 ft (1500 m) below the floor, its highest peak is 8200 ft (2500 m). The coastal belt is almost flat and consists of several canals,
There is a large network of lakes and rivers.

Tourism is a well-known industry in Kerala. The National Geographic Society publication has listed Kerala among the 50 best places in the world. Some of the tourist places to see in Kerala are as follows:

1 The capital city of Thiruvananthapuram is the center of temples, mosques and churches. Kovalam Beach Resort, Veli, Nair Dam and Pomudi are the places to see here.

2 The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Thekkari in Idukki district is an attractive place.

3 Sabarimala, the abode of Lord Ayyappan, is a famous pilgrimage place in Pathanamthitta district.

4 The major port of Kerala is known as the Queen of Kochi Arabai Sangar.

The 5 beautiful Willingdon Islands and adjoining ports are a major attraction here.

6 Kaladi is the birthplace of Sri Shankaracharya.

7 Guruvayur is the famous Lord Krishna temple.

Nature bestowed Kerala with its boundless beauty
Known for its aromatic spices, the state of Kerala is also famous for its beautiful views of Sagar Crinars and greenery. The white sands and the vast ocean stretches make Kerala even more beautiful. Kerala is also popular for its medicinal properties with its natural beauty and aromatic spices. It is the only state in India, which is developing as the main center of Ayurveda. People from abroad and abroad come here to take advantage of Ayurvedic treatment.

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