Monday, September 14, 2020

Role of Self-Help Groups.

Self-help groups are from small and voluntary groups formed with mutual help. They are made to meet their common needs, to get rid of common problems or shortcomings, and to make social and personal changes in it. The initiator of their construction emphasizes social interaction with each other and the personal responsibility of all the members. That is, self-help groups are formed voluntarily by 5- 20 members to fulfill a specific objective.
But it may be that a government organization, voluntary organization, or an activist motivates the members to form groups. The purpose of forming self-help groups is to liberate the members from poverty and achieve financial independence. The members of self-help groups are often of equal interest, same-sex, homogeneous, homogeneous, and mutual knowing each other, meaning that there is no inequality in them. The working of the group, the rules, and the decision of the functionaries are done collectively by the SHGs. Forms of primary activity
The group members make small savings and deposit them in the group account and, if necessary, give loans to the group member from that savings. this
Type Self Help Groups start working as Thrift and Credit Group. Normally after successfully saving and credit activity for one year, the economic activity is taken up and grading is done by the lending bank or other institution on the basis of group operations, savings, loan and its meeting and minutes, etc.

In the context of editing the above works, the important role of the SHGs becomes clear. In fact, they develop a sense of savings among the group members. Self-help group members get rid of poverty and show the path of economic independence. Along with this, groups also provide a common platform for the poor, unity, brotherhood, courage, strength, prevention of evil, and common problems. Self-help group members not only get to know about the democratic functioning and utility but also increase the consciousness, knowledge, skills, and confidence of the group members. Through these groups, along with a discussion on social evils and common problems, steps for improvement are also taken. With the empowerment of women, these self-help groups build political consciousness of their members and communicate with the public representatives

They help in achieving a dignified and dignified place in society. The role of self-help groups is important in the empowerment of women. Self-support groups increase women's self-awareness as well as self-confidence. In fact, self-help groups in the establishment of women's rights, self-reliance, freedom, and equality and achieving a dignified life have emerged as a movement.

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