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Thursday, September 17, 2020

The Role of instructional media on Environment.

Environmental awareness is provided through the instructional materials, designed by the experts or teachers for different levels of teaching learning situations. The need of the day is to provide environmental awareness and understanding to the general mass of people. The multi media approach is used by the government and non
government organizations for the awareness of environmental problems.

Role of instructional media :

The use of instructional media is an essential component of teaching learning process to realize various social, cultural and national goals. The media contribute to the efficiency as well as effectiveness of teaching learning process both in case of face to face and distance education system.

These instructional media may be classified into two categories : 

1. Print instructional media, and 
2. Non print instructional media.

The print instructional media is used in correspondence education or postal education. The printed matter and lessons are sent to the students through postal services. The non print instructional media is used with the help of radio, television, computer, teleconferencing and video disc etc. The subject is communicated to people employing technical devices or electronic media.

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