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Sunday, September 20, 2020

What is Coronavirus virus? What are the symptoms and how to be safe

Covid 19 is a pandemic which is known to be spread from wuhan city of china. Corono virus group was first discovered in 2002. Due to the covd-19 pandemic, everybody in the world is affected somehow. We all know that there is no medicine for coronavirus until now. So its better to prevent yourself from this virus. Ayush ministry of India gave us three preventive ways to boost our immunity in this pandemic. 

1.drink only warm water throughout the day. 

2.do exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. 

3.Use turmeric, coriander, and garlic in the food.

In the time of this pandemic, everybody was told to stay in the house for a minimum of 14 days that is called quarantine time who comes from foreign countries. A COVID 19 toll-free number 1075 launched in India.

Preventive measures for people to stay safe from COVID 19

1. Keep a distance of at least 2 meters while talking.

2.Dont go to the crowd placed like market fairs religious places.

3. Do the COVID test if coming from a foreign country.

4. Always wear a mask when going outside.

5. Keep social distancing in social places.

6. Must follow 2 meters distance from each other

7. Keep distance from any unknown person.

8. Do not buy anything from the hawkers which are not allowed by the administration.

9.Download Arogya setu in your and family members mobile  so that you can track covid affcted people near you.

10. Don't go to  the home of any of your relatives or neighborhood

11. Always mask the mouth in a cloth or  or any other mask. Keep it tight with a cloth.

12.Go on Outside trip only when it is  absolutely necessary

13. Avoid needlessly leaving the house.

 14. Whenever touching anything external Always use Alcoholic sanitizer Sanitize with, or 20 to 25 seconds Wash with soap.

14. Sneeze in any public place With handkerchief or any cloth 

15. While coughing cover your mouth and nose in a public places.

16.Report to helath department if there is someone new in your neighborhood, colony or area.

17. When Person or outsider comes to live  Immediately inform the police.

18. After buying green vegetables or fruits first wash them with warm water then leave it for 12 hours.

19.If you feel  Cough, cold, fever or no breathing Immediately call helpline number.

 20.if you don't need to buy anything so don't  come out of the house again and again. 

21.By making a list of the things needed Buy from the approved shops only.

22. Avoiding corona virus is its most Better treatment for your family and yourself.


As we know that all doctors from all over the world are saying that  this pandemic will stay here for at least  years. For so long it is not possible to stay closed in homes That's why we are all aware With our own responsibility. All the actions are taken by government to get rid of this pandemic and still fighting with this virus.

Many migrants are coming back due to Corona. To protect the health of all those migrants do the following- 

1. If they have smartphone download Arogya setu app in their phone. 

2. Keep distance from migrants.

3. If see any symptoms of covid. 19 contact at covid helpline number.

 "It's very important to protect everyone from the corona"

Drop Down MenusCSS Drop Down MenuPure CSS Dropdown Menu Actions taken by government to fight corona virus

1. Lockdown -

Lockdown means lockout. Lockdown is a disaster management system which is officially implemented at the time of  disaster or epidemic .The people of the area in which the lockdown has been done, the houses are locked and exit is not allowed without permission. All they need to do is to buy essential things like medicine and the grains .They are allowed to come out, during this time if they want to  get money from the bank
The way an institution or factory is shut down and there is lockout in the same way that lock down means that you do not leave the streets for unnecessary work. If you have any problem due to lockdown life you  are  allowed to concerned Police Station, District Collector, Superintendent of Police Or you can call other higher officials. Lockdown is done for the convenience and safety of the public. All private and contract offices remain closed, government offices which do not fall in the required category are also closed.

2.Emergency services during covid 19 pandemic.-
During the pandemic only emergency services were allowed to use.these are-

Shops, including Ration shops (UnderPDS) dealing with Foods, groceries, fruits, Veg etables,Dairy and Milk booth,Meat and Fish,Animal Fodder

Banks,ATMS and insurance Offices

Delivery of all essential services including  Food,Pharmaceuticals,medical equipment through e-commerce

Petrol Pumps,LPG,Petroleum and gas
retail and storage outlets.

Power generation,Transmission and
distribution services.

Hospitals and all related medical

3.PMCARE Funds

Pmcare fund to fight against covid 19 was started by prime minister Narendra Modi. In a very short time the government started getting donations to fight this virus in the pmcare funds. Akshay kumar donated rs25 crore in the very firsr day. 

4. Covid helpline number-

A tollfree number 1075 was launched by the health ministry of India.

5. Mass testing of virus-

A large of testing was started by the government from the very first day.

6.All transportation stopped-

For the very first in India railway was stopped after independence. This shows how dangerous this pandemic is.

7. Arogya setu app

This app set a record highest installs in a single day. This app lets people know who is affected/ quaratined near us so we can take care of ourselves.

Side effects of Corona virus -

1. Unemployment -

As soon as the virus spreaded people started losing their jobs. In this pandemic unemployment rate was kn all time high.

2. Impact on economy

The total gdp of India was shrunk by -23%. This show how the country is fighting with the economical challenges.

3. Effect on education.

Students were passed in the examinations without any exam.

4. Shops closed

A number of shops were closed in this pandemic. Small shop owners were not able to pay rent so they had to lost their work.

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