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What is "Make in India" programme ?

The Make in India campaign, the largest exercise program to manufacture manufacturing houses in India, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 25, 2014. The objective of Make in India is to make the country the extent of manufacturing. It has been promised to provide basically a favorable environment to both domestic and foreign investors so that India can be transformed into a manufacturing hub with employment of 125 crore strong India.
New working techniques-   This will have wide impact in a serious business and it has two inherent elements required for any innovation - new routes or opportunities.
Tackling and keeping the right balance include facing challenges.  Politics leadership is expected to be widely popular.  but the  MAKE in India initiative is indeed seen as an equitable mix of economic prudence, administrative reform.  Thus, this initiative calls for a public mandate - "A Akaki supports India."
The Make in India program, launched to promote entrepreneurship not only in manufacturing but other sectors in India, is based on four pillars.

New Methodology: Make in India believes that one of the most important things to promote entrepreneurship is the ease of doing business.
Many initiatives have already started to make the carvari atmosphere easier.  Have been done.  Its purpose is to de-
 License and de-regulation.  New Infrastructure: Modern and Development for Industry Development Availability of convenient infrastructure is a very important requirement.  The government intends to build industrial corridors and smart cities to provide modern high-speed communication and integrated logistics arrangements as well as infrastructure based on superior technology.  Strengthening existing infrastructure by improving infrastructure in industrial clusters
 will be given.

New Sectors: Make in India has identified 25 sectors in manufacturing, infrastructure and service activities and is detailed through interactive web portals and professionally designed brochures Information is being shared.

New Thought: Industries are accustomed to seeing the government as a regulator.  The aim of MAC in India is to change this thinking by bringing about a paradigm shift in the government's dialogue with industries.  The government will partner with industries in the economic development of the country.  Our view will be of a facilitator (and not a regulator).

 Goals to be achieved

Aim to increase the manufacturing sector by 12–14 per cent per year over the medium term.

Increase the share of manufacturing in the GDP of the country from 16 to 25 percent by 2022.

To create 100 million additional jobs by 2022 in the manufacturing sector.

Build appropriate skills for overall development of rural migrants and urban poor people.

To enhance technical knowledge in domestic value addition and manufacturing.

To increase the global competitiveness of the Indian manufacturing sector.

To ensure the stability of development in relation to the Indian especially environment.

Through this campaign, new processes will be adopted for the use of information, communication and technology including business simplicity, non-license, non-regulatory, industrial corridors, industrial clusters, smart cities, rapid railways and new ones like metro railways, water and gas grids.  Structures will be built, sectors such as defense, insurance, construction and railways will be opened for foreign investment, now the government will not only become a permit-granting authority, but will act as a catalyst for investors and manufacturers, will play an active part in their success.  , Extensive exemptions will be provided in the license and regulatory framework so that foreign investors try to set up manufacturing companies and provide a simple process for clearance
 Will be done  The campaign includes several major initiatives to facilitate investment, facilitate the path of capital formation, encourage innovation, preserve intellectual property rights, and create advanced manufacturing-based, infrastructure.

'Make in India has increased the prospects of economic development to an ambitious level.  Due to this campaign, many new trends are seen in our economy which give prosperity.  India is beginning to transform into an attractive destination for investment and manufacturing.  Now India's credibility has increased in the agenda of industrial and commercial companies around the world and India is on the first priority in their roadmap agenda.  Barring a few exceptions, today the Indian market is gaining heights in many areas.  In terms of consumer confidence, India is ranked number one, surpassing all the countries of the world.  It has many important grounds for attracting domestic and foreign investment and boosting exports, huge urban and rural markets, the world's fastest growing middle class, the world's most productive young generation and positive returns like higher returns on foreign investment.  India's economic and financial sector are the leading institutions.  India pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemicals,
It is the fastest emerging country in the field of construction and bio-technology, due to which this campaign will create new employment opportunities within the country on a large scale, the amount of import of manufacturing products will be reduced in a big way.  The diversity of components will increase, which will include a plurality of manufacturing products, the world's latest technology will come and will help reduce the trade off of the manufacturing companies that we have with some countries.

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