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Monday, September 14, 2020

What is migration ? What is condition of migration in Madhya Pradesh ?

The condition of  Migration in  Madhya Pradesh

Migration is a type of immigration, in which the transfer of population from one geographical area to another geographical area is done. Thus, migration means move from one place or region to another.  This stay is due to natural Disaster or any other reason and may also be called displacement. It is mostly found in rural and tribal areas in India, usually due to seasonal unemployment move towards the urban industrial centers. The migration may be of long-term or permanent nature. Those people who move from one place are related to the process of out-migration,
whereas those who come to the place are related to the process of immigration.

 Types or patterns of migration

 1. Primitive Migration nomadic community.
 2. Obligation of compulsive or ecological is also called Displacement.
 3. Free Migration to fulfill higher aspirations.
 4. Mass migration is the result of economic, political, social conditions.

Migrations from rural to urban, urban to rural, rural-rural, urban-urban, inter district, inter-state and international can be seen. Migration or migration from one country to another is the third biggest reason for the change in population. Two other causes are mortality and birth rate.
As far as the migration situation in Madhya Pradesh is concerned, there is a situation of migration on a large scale due to lack of employment, natural disasters and construction of large projects in rural areas like the country. Rural youth and tribal people of the state, due to lack of employment are  forced to migrate to industrial centers in cities in the search of job. The same happens towards cities or other parts of the world. Tribes in particular region migrate seasonally. Due to drought M.P.  Tribes migrate from the districts of Alirajpur, Jhabua etc. and returns to their territory when the rain start again. The biggest migration reason would be more appropriate to call it displacement is the development of government projects. Actually the developmental work being done by the government migration becomes a cause for people in those particular areas.  Most of the industrial areas are established in the tribal areas only and the tribes settling in the areas of mines etc. have to migrate.  This migration occurs permanently. Similarly due to multipurpose river valley projects,  the people of the state have to permanently abandon their original places. Thousands of families of the state are forced to migrate homeless due to Indira Sagar and Sardar Sarovar Projects that due to lack of proper arrangements for rehabilitation for such a large displacement, they had to face huge public protests and movements.

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