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Monday, September 14, 2020

The causes of decline of traditional cottage industries in India.

-Cottage industries collectively call those industries in which products and services are created in their home and not in any of them. In factories. In cottage industries, skilled craftsmen manufacture goods in their homes with less capital and more efficiently through their own hands. A cottage industry has been an important contributor to India since ancient times. After the British arrived in India, the cottage industries in India were rapidly destroyed and traditional artisans adopted other occupations. But due to the influence of the Swadeshi movement, the cottage industry was reinforced and At present, the cottage industries are playing a parallel role of modern technology. Now, in addition to skill and hard work, small scale machines also used.

The cottage industries can be mainly divided into two parts.

1. Rural Cottage Industries
2. Urban cottage industries

Following are the major reasons for the decline of traditional cottage industries in India

1. Continuous change in the agricultural rent policy by the British Government system resulted in the decline of cottage industries due to the lack of raw materials.
2. Exploiting the craftsmen by landlords by trapping them in the debt cycle.
3. India lacked infrastructure, cottage industries collapsed.
4. Small cottage industries also declined due to the use of modern machinery in industries.
5. Not to encourage the development of small cottage industries by the British rule, but to discourage it.

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