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Topic:- General Science

1) Rithish took five rounds of a circular track of 300m length such that the

starting and the finishing line was the same. The total distance covered and the

displacement by Rithish are respectively: 

1. 10m and 1500m 

2. 1500m and Om 

3. 300m and 30m 

4. 30m and 300m 

Correct Answer :-  1500m and 0m 

2) The unit of relative density is: /

1. no unit 

2. kg/m / fat

3, kein

4, g/cm

Correct Answer :-  no unit 

3) A better and more efficient use as well as availability of milk led to 

1. White revolution 

2. Black revolution 

3. Blue revolution 

4, Green revolution 

Correct Answer :-  White revolution

4) The life supporting zone of the Earth is called -

1. Atmosphere 

2. Biosphere 

3. Hydrosphere

4. Lithosphere 

Correct Answer :-  Biosphere 

5) Lichens are a symbiotic association of 

1. bread mould and green algae 

2. mushroom and green algae 

3. yeast and green algae 

4. cyanobacteria and fungi 

Correct Answer :-  cyanobacteria and fungi 

6) Which of the following reproduces from underground stem? 

1. Radish 

2. Potato 

3. Carrot 

4. Sweet potato 

Correct Answer :-  Potato 

7) Which of the following modes of heat transfer is faster?/

1. Radiation only 

2. Conduction only 

3. Convection only

4. Both conduction and radiation 

Correct Answer :- Radiation only 

8) When white light is allowed to pass through the red glass plate, then the glass plate will: 

1. Allow no colour to pass through it

2. Allow only the red colour to pass through it 

3. Allow all seven colours to pass through it

4. Not allow the red colour to pass through it 

Correct Answer :-  Allow only the red colour to pass through it

9) Some seeds have hooks and spines. It helps the seeds to 

1. escape from enemies

2. attach to the parent body 

3. attach to the fur of other animals 

4, prevent drying 

Correct Answer :-  attach to the fur of other animals 

10) The correct order of density of matter is: 


1. Water < cotton < honey < air < chalk 

2. Air < cotton < water < honey < chalk 

3. Air < water < honey < chalk< cotton 

4, Cotton < water < honey < chalk < Air 

Correct Answer :-  Air < cotton < water < honey < chalk 

11) Identify the element which has the same number of neutrons and protons in its nucleus. 

1. Al(Z= 13 & A=27)




Correct Answer :-  Mg(Z=12&A=24)

12) Freeze-dried food products are produced using the phenomenon of: 

1. Adsorption 

2. Absorption 

3. Evaporation 

4, Sublimation 

Correct Answer :-  Sublimation 

13) The force required to produce an acceleration of 4 m/s? in an object of mass 9 kg is: 

1. 5N

2. 36N

3. 9N

4, 4N

Correct Answer :-

14) Astudent was guided by his teacher to perform the following experiment. He took some iron

filings and sulphur powder in a mortar and crushed the mixture well. He took a little of the

mixture in a test tube and added dilute H2504 tot, and then a colourless and odourless gas was

liberated. Identify the gas liberated. /

feaeatte act Wat axet ch TE Veh GTA AT Ber Rata GaT Tete (eet fea AT AT] Seer

strat (Ate) F aaist ale HT ater SI TewHL Tse Fora Six PAs apt areas S Re eT

Teel Th TC Eeteh A atsy aoT Pera 3X SHE ey H2SO4 Star 3H Pee Tah Tarelet SH areT

Tied dha qed 691 Gad she hh Gear Ht

1, Ha

2, H2S

3, $02

4, $0;

Correct Answer :-

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