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Topic:- General Knowledge (16 QUESTIONS)

1) Union Minister of Coal, Railways, Finance, and Corporate Affairs launched a Mobile Application developed by CMPDI and BISAG at a ceremony in New Delhi is called as

1. Khan Suraksha

2. Khan Prahari 

3. Khan Nigam 

4. Khan Rakshak

Correct Answer:-  Khan Prahari 

2) The Ministry responsible for coordination, appraisal, and approval of urban transport matters including metro rail projects at the Central Level is: 

1. Ministry of Railways 

2. Ministry of Water Resources 

3. Ministry of Power 

4. Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs 

Correct Answer:-  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

3)  Which organization conducts the survey and documents the Tribal art and Cultural traditions in Madhya Pradesh? 

1. Kala Parishad 

2. Lok Kala Parishad 

3. Bharat Bhawan 

4. Kalidas Academy 

Correct Answer:  Lok Kala Parishad 

4) In 1897, the Birsa Movement supporters raised which color flag as a symbol of Birsa Raj? 

1. Green 

2. White 

3. Brown 

4, Blue 

Correct Answer:-  White 

5) Which of the following is a musical instrument with small metal jingles attached to wooden plates? 

1. Ektara 

2. Chang 

3. Dhaf 

4, Khartaal

Correct Answer :-  Khartaal 

6) Which of the following dances is not performed during the Khajuraho Dance Festival? 

1. Kathak 

2. Matki 

3. Odissi 

4, Kuchipudi 

Correct Answer:-  Matki / Heal

7) On which date is the ‘Shaheed Saman Diwas’ observed every year across Madhya Pradesh to

honor families of Military Martyrs? 

1. 14" August 

2. 16" August 

3, 26h January 

4, 15" August 

Correct Answer:-  14" August 

8) The Depressed Classes Association by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was established in which of the

following years? 

1. 1907

2. 1919

3. 1930

4. 1942

Correct Answer:- 1930

9) The Indian newspaper which turned overnight into an English newspaper to escape the

Vernacular Press Act was.

1. Amrita Bazar Patrika 

2. Maharatta 

3, Sudharak 

4. The Bengalee Banerjea 

Correct Answer:-  Amrita Bazar Patrika 

10) Under the Madhya Pradesh State, who among the following individuals are eligible for the pension of the Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension scheme? 

1. Individuals aged above 70 years and below the poverty line 

2. Individuals aged above 60 years 

3. Individuals aged above 60 years and below the poverty line 

4. Individuals aged above 50 years 

Correct Answer:-  Individuals aged above 60 years and below the poverty line 

11) According to the Madhya Pradesh Budget Estimate 2018-19, Revenue Receipts is obtained by the State from the center in the form of grants and its share in taxes. 

1. 45%

2. 40%

3. 58%

4. 60%

Correct Answer:-  58%

12) According to Madhya Pradesh Budget Estimate 2018-19, which of the following witnessed a

negative growth in the year 2016-17? 

1. Services sector 

2. Manufacturing sector 

3. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)

4. Agriculture sector 

Correct Answer:- The services sector

13) During the President’s Rule in Madhya Pradesh, the role is similar to the role of the council of ministers of the Chief Minister of the State in discharging constitutional obligations. 

1. the Governor 

2. the District Collector 

3. the Advisors 

4, the Supreme Court Judge 

Correct Answer:-  the Advisors

14) the Andaman Islands in the north and Nicobar Islands in the south are separated by: 

1. Nine-degree channel 

2. Eleven-degree channel 

3. Ten-degree channel 

4, Palk strait 

Correct Answer:- Ten-degree channel 

15) Which corporate house has the largest landholding in Mumbai? 

1. Godrej Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

2. Reliance Industries 

3, Larsen and Toubro 

4. Bombay Dyeing 

Correct Answer:-  Godrej Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

16) Who was the first person to be selected as a Satyagrahi followed by Jawaharlal Nehru for ‘Individual Satyagraha’ by Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1940? /

1. Subhas Chandra Bose 

2. Brahma Dutt 

3. Acharya Vinoba Bhave 

4, Acharya Kriplani 

Correct Answer:-  Acharya Vinoba Bhave 

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