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Topic:- General Knowledge

1) The Disaster Management Institute (DMI) was set up in the year by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. 

1. 1987

2. 1972

3. 1956

4, 1982

Correct Answer :- © 1987

2) Name the city in Madhya Pradesh where the Dhrupad Samaroh is held annually. 

1. Ujjain 

2. Bhopal 

3. Jabalpur 

4. Indore

Correct Answer :- * Bhopal 

3) Name the UNESCO World Heritage site built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. 

1. Gateway of India /

2. Victoria Memorial /

3. India Gate

4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus 

Correct Answer :-  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus 

4) Name the first wildlife reserve in India to get an Official mascot. 

1. Ranthambore National Park 

2. Corbett National Park 

3. Kanha Tiger Reserve

4, Sariska National Park

Correct Answer :-  Kanha Tiger Reserve

5) Name the scheme launched in 2018 by Madhya Pradesh Government to subsidize power for labourers and poor families

1. Mukhyamantri Khet Teerth Yojana 

2. Sambal Yojana 

3. Krishi Rin Samadhan Yojana 

4. Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana 

Correct Answer :- Sambal Yojana 

6) In 1931, the Resolution on Fundamental Rights and Economic Programme was adopted at which session of the Indian National Congress? 

1. Calcutta 

2. Delhi 

3. Karachi 

4, Wardha 

Correct Answer :- Karachi 

7) Madhya Pradesh government has conferred the 2018 National Kalidas Samman to: /

1. Maisnam Kaminikumar Singh 

2. Anjolie Ela Menon 

3. Prabhakar Karekar 

4. Haricharan Bhuyan Borbayan 

Correct Answer :- Anjolie Ela Menon 

8) The Lotus Temple in New Delhi is a place of worship for which faith? /

1. Zoroastrianism 

2. Bahai 

3. Judaism 

4, Jainism 

Correct Answer :-  Bahai 

9) In 2017, world’s oldest algae fossil was discovered in which part of Madhya Pradesh? /

1. Chitrakoot 

2. Panna 

3. Tikamgarh 

4. Shahdol 

Correct Answer :- Chitrakoot 

10) Who is the Chairman of Madhya Pradesh State’s, General Body of Rajya Anand Sansthan? /

1. The Chief Minister of the State 

2. The Chief Secretary of the State 

3. The Governor of the State 

4. The President of India 

Correct Answer :-  The Chief Minister of the State 

11) Who is the author of ‘Deep se Deep Jale’? /

1. Bhagwan Datt Sharma 

2. Makhanlal Chaturvedi 

3. Rahat Indori 

4. Atal Bihari Vajpayee 

Correct Answer :-  Makhanlal Chaturvedi 

12) The agreement on monetary policy framework between Government of India and RBI targets which one of

the following options? /

1. Inflation 

2. Unemployment 

3. Poverty 

4. GDP 

Correct Answer :- Inflation 

13) Who among the following is known as ‘Metro Man’ of India? 

1. Mr. Vinod Dham 

2. Mr. E. Sreedharan 

3. Mr. M. Visvesvaraya 

4. Mr. Man Mohan Sharma 

Correct Answer :- Mr. E. Sreedharan

14) Barren island, the only active volcano in India is located in: 

1. Ritchie’s Archipelago 

2. Andaman & Nicobar Islands 

3. Lakshadweep Islands 

4, Labyrinth Island 

Correct Answer :-Andaman & Nicobar Islands 

15) Charminar is located in which city of India? 

1. Agra 

2. Delhi 

3. Bengaluru 

4. Hyderabad 

Correct Answer :- Hyderabad 

16) Which of the following institutions launched India’s first Integrated Control and Command Centre in Madhya Pradesh? 

1. Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Bhopal 

2. Indian Institute of Technology, Indore 

3. Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. 

4. Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology 

Correct Answer :-  Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Ltd. 

17) Which of the following states has not joint ventured in Banasagar Dam Project? /

1. Chattisgarh 

2. Madhya Pradesh 

3, Bihar 

4. Uttar Pradesh 

Correct Answer :- Chattisgarh 

18) The Howrah Bridge in West Bengal is built across which of the following rivers? 

1. Hooghly 

2. Mahanadi 

3. Brahmaputra

4. Jamuna 

Correct Answer :-  Hooghly 

19) The Smart Cities Mission (SCM) was launched in the year. 


2, 2017

3. 2018

4. 2014

Correct Answer :-  2015

20) The mission aimed at providing shelter equipped with essential services to the urban homeless in a phased

manner is: 

1. National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) 

2. Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) 

3. North Eastern Region Urban Development Programme (NERUDP) 

4. Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) 

Correct Answer :-  National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) 

Topic:- General English

1) Choose appropriate articles for the given sentence:

I enjoy reading comics in Times of India,

was first published in 1838.

English daily newspaper that 

1. the, the, a

2.a, the, a

3. the, the, an

4, the, a, the

Correct Answer :-  the, the, an

2) Choose the correct form of modal auxiliary verb for the given sentence:

Allofus____ plan to go for a holiday when we get a long weekend off.

1. would

2. need

3. should

4. used to

Correct Answer :- should

3) Choose the option that correctly sequences the following sentences:

1. Some of them are bigger than houses.

2. Ships sailing near southern New Zealand have been warned of icebergs.

3. One iceberg, reported by a fishing boat was 200 metres long and 50 metres high.

4. They are found mostly near South Island's east coast.

1. 1234

2. 2134

3. 4231

4. 4312

Correct Answer :-  2134

4) Choose the correctly punctuated sentence:

1. India, celebrates its Independence Day: on 15 August every year.

2. India celebrates its Independence Day on 15 August every year.

3. India celebrates, its independence day on 15 august every year!

4. India celebrates: its Independence Day on 15 August every year.

Correct Answer :-  India celebrates its Independence Day on 15 August every year.

5) Choose the option that best explains the highlighted expression:

The new rules in the country give businesses a leg up to face competition from other countries.

1. illegal sanctions

2. hindrance

3. assistance

4. a blanket right

Correct Answer :- assistance

6) Choose the appropriate conjunction for the given sentence:

he was the best candidate, he did not win the elections.

1. And

2. But

3. If

4. Though

Correct Answer :- Though

7) Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the highlighted word given below:

I always postpone the evil day when I have to visit the dentist.

1. suspend

2. defer

3. respite

4. hasten

Correct Answer :-  hasten

8) Choose the appropriate prepositions for the given sentence:

Each year, thousands ___ people suffer life-threatening diseases.

1. among, out of

2. across, of

3. of, from

4. of, against

Correct Answer :- of, from

9) Spot the error in the given sentence and choose the option that rectifies it.

One of my best friend is a witch.

1. One of my best friend are witch.

2. One of my best friend is a witches.

3. One of my best friends are witch.

4. One of my best friends is a witch.

Correct Answer :- One of my best friends is a witch.

10) Choose the appropriate option that changes the given sentence into passive voice.

When will you return the book?

1. The book will be returned by you.

2. The book will be returned by you when?

3. When will you return?

4. When will the book be returned?

Correct Answer :- When will the book be returned?

11) Choose the appropriate option that rewrites the given sentence in active voice.

My pocket has been picked.

1. Someone has picked my pocket.

2. Someone has pocked the pick.

3. Someone has pick pocketed my pocket.

4. Someone has picked pocketed me.

Correct Answer :-  Someone has picked my pocket.

12) Choose the appropriate form of the tense for the given sentence.

By the time they the station, the train

1. reached, had left

2. reach, left

3. had reached, left

4. had reached, had left

Correct Answer :- reached, had left

13) Choose the appropriate form of the tense for the given sentence.

These grapes sour,

1. is tasting

2. was taste

3. taste

4. tastes

Correct Answer :- taste

14) Choose the appropriate prepositional phrase to complete the given sentence.

____ your request, we regret to inform you that it is not possible.

1. With regard to

2. With regards to

3. By regard to

4. By regards to

Correct Answer :- With regard to

15) Choose the most suitable determiner for the given sentence:

When John returned from school, __—_—s did he know that there was going to be a birthday party at home.

1. little

2. a little

3. much

4. less

Correct Answer :- little

16) Choose the option with the appropriate prefix to complete the given sentence.

The cricket player __ timed hitting the ball. It flew over his head and reached the boundary ropes.

1. mis-

2. un-

3. dis-

4. mal-

Correct Answer :- mis

17) Choose the option that best transforms the given sentences into one using an adverb:

The lights went out. The meeting had not ended.

1. Before the meeting ended the lights were going out.

2. The lights were going out while the meeting was ending.

3. The lights went out at the end of the meeting.

4. The lights went out before the end of the meeting.

Correct Answer :-  The lights went out before the end of the meeting.

18) Choose the correct form of verb that is in agreement with the subject:

Every year in our school, the children who ___—well in the final exams, _—/_saawarded prizes during the Annual Day.

1. were performed, is

2. will perform, are

3. performs, has

4. perform, are

Correct Answer :- perform, are

19) Choose the correct form of the verb from the following options in the given sentence:

My mothers from service three years ago.

1. retiring

2. retired

3. retire

4. retires

Correct Answer :-

* retired

20) Choose appropriate articles for the given sentence:

The environment of __earthis___ great blessing for mankind.

1. an, the

2.a, the

3. the, the

4, the, a

Correct Answer :-

Topic:- General Mathematics

1) A bullock cart is moving at a uniform speed of 16 km/hr. Find the time required to travel 356 km? 

1. 21 hours 70 minutes 

2. 22 hours 15 minutes

3. 22 hours 55 minutes 

4, 22 hours 25 minutes 

Correct Answer :- 22 hours 15 minutes 

2) How many candy bars are there in a sack of 4 kg, if a candy bar weighs 40g? 

1. 40

2. 200

3. 400

4. 100

Correct Answer :- 100

3) If a whale shark swims at a speed of 5 km per hour, then how much distance does it travel in 3 hr? 

1. 10 km 

2. 50 km 

3.15 km

4. 30 km 

Correct Answer :- 15km

4) Pretty travels 40% of her journey by foot and the rest by bus. If she has to travel a distance of 80 km, then find the distance she travels by bus. 

1. 48 km 

2. 72 km 

3. 60 km 

4, 32 km 

Correct Answer :-  48 km

5) If an apple is used to represent 50 students in a class, then how many apples are required to represent 225 students? 

1. 4.75

2. 4.25



Correct Answer :- 45

6) A packet contains 14 containers. One container contains 8 capsules. If there are 23520 capsules, then how many packets are needed for packing capsules in the container? 

1. 110

2. 210

3. 201

4. 2440

Correct Answer :-

7) What will be the unit’s digit in cube of 69853? 





Correct Answer :-

8) Find the square root of 23.04. 


2. 0.42

3. 48.02


Correct Answer :-  48

9) Which of the following pair of integers has their difference as -5? /

1. -2,7

2. 6, 11

3. 7, -2

4. -3, -2

Correct Answer :- 14 

10) The area of a parallelogram is 104 cm and the height corresponding to a base is 8 cm. Find the perimeter if the other base is 9 cm. 

1. 48 cm 

2. 54m 

3. 56 cm 

4.44 cm 

Correct Answer :-  44cm

11) A drum is z full. If 50 litres more are required to fill it wp, then determine the capacity of the drum. 

1. 331.3 litres 

2, 200 litres

3. 150 litres 

4. 500 litre

Correct Answer :-  150 litres

Topic:- General Science

1) When we lift a bucket of water, the force acting on the object is: 

1. Frictional force 

2. Muscular force 

3. Electrostatic force 

4, Magnetic force 

Correct Answer :- Muscular force 

2) Which of the following is a vector-borne disease? 

1. Cholera 

2. AIDS 

3. Malaria 

4. Tuberculosis 

Correct Answer :- Malaria 

3) Which of the following structures has the information for the next generation? 

1. DNA 

2. RNA 

3. Protein 

4. Nucleus

Correct Answer :-  DNA

4) The strong and non-flexible connective tissue is 

1. tendon 

2. cartilage

3. bone 

4. ligament 

Correct Answer :-  bone 

5) is an unwanted plant in a cultivated field which competes with the main crop for nutrients, shelter and sunlight.

1. weed 

2. field pest 

3. storage pest 

4. crop 

Correct Answer :-  weed 

6) Calculate the number of atoms in 16g of He? [Atomic mass of He = 4.0u]

1, 24.09 x 1078

2, 6.02 x 1073

3, 1.505 x 107

4,16 x 6.02 x 107

Correct Answer :- 24.09 x 1079

7) The nucleus of an atom was discovered by: 

1. J.J. Thomson’s experiment 

2. Chadwick’s experiment 

3. Rutherford’s gold foil experiment 

4. Millikan’s oil drop experiment 

Correct Answer :- Rutherford’s gold foil experiment

8) The chemical formula of rust is: 

1, FeCh

2, FeO

3, FesOs

4, Fe203

Correct Answer :-Fe203

9) The length of a match box is measured by placing it on the metre scale. If one end is on 25.7 cm and other end is on 29.2 cm, then the actual length of the match box is: 


2. 3.50m

3. 25.7 om 

4, 29.2 om 

Correct Answer :- 3.50m

10) The houses having outer walls made with hollow bricks will: 

1. be cheaper

2. trap the air and keep the rooms cooler in summer

3. get easily dismantle 

4, be stronger enough 

Correct Answer :- trap the air and keep the rooms cooler in summer 

11) If an object is placed in front of a plane mirror at a distance of 10 cm from it, then the image formed will be: 

1. 20 om behind the object 

2. 20 cm behind the mirror

3. 10 om behind the object 

4. 10 om behind the mirror 

Correct Answer :-  10cm behind the mirror 

12) Yeast is used for commercial production of alcohol and wine. To which category of microorganisms does it belong? 

1. Fungi

2. Bacteria 

3. Protozoa 

4. Algae

Correct Answer :- Fungi 

13) An electric bell is placed inside a bell jar which is closed air tight. If the bell is ringing and the air is slowly removed with the help of a vacuum pump, then: 

1. The amplitude of vibration of the air column decreases 

2. The number of vibration of the air column decreases 

3. The number of vibration of the striker decreases 

4. The number of vibration of the striker increases 

Correct Answer :- The amplitude of vibration of the air column decreases

14) Milk of magnesia is used as: 

1. Dye in textile industry 

2. Artificial sweetener 

3, Fertilizer 

4. Antacid 

Correct Answer :-  Antacid 

15) In the earthquake zone, the type of buildings which gives more safety are: 

1. Earthquake proof buildings 

2. Multistoried buildings

3. Buildings made of clay and mud 

4. Buildings made of glass and bricks 

Correct Answer :- Earthquake proof buildings

16) Which of the following is a chemical change? 

1. Evaporation of sea water to get salt 

2. Burning of methane 

3. Sublimation of camphor 

4. Dissolving sugar in coffee


Correct Answer :-  Burning of methane 

17) Which of the following testers is less sensitive? 

1. A tester in which LED is used. 

2. A tester in which a magnetic compass is used. 

3. A tester in which a high watt heating filament is used. 

4, A tester in which low watt bulb is used. 

Correct Answer :- A tester in which a high watt heating filament is used. 

18) Which of the following weighs the most? [ Atomic masses: Ag = 108 u, C= 12 u, O= 16u, N=14u] 

1. 1g of carbon 

2. 0.5 mole of N-atoms 

3 1023 atoms of silver

4 1073 molecules of COQ?

Correct Answer :- 1073 atoms of silver 

19) To determine the melting point of ice, a thermometer is suspended in a beaker half filled with ice and kept at the room temperature. Which thermometer reading should be noted as the melting point of ice? 

1. The temperature when all the ice taken melts and water remains. 

2. The temperature when the ice just starts to melt. 

3. When the mercury level in the thermometer remains constant at a particular temperature. 

4.When the temperature just begins to increase from —2°C. 

Correct Answer :- When the mercury level in the thermometer remains constant at a particular temperature. 

20) Green plants use which of the following to prepare food? 

1. Carbon dioxide, nitrate, phosphate and sunlight

2. Carbon dioxide, water, minerals and sunlight 

3. Oxygen, carbohydrates and sunlight

4. Oxygen, nitrate, sulphate and sunlight

Correct Answer :-  Carbon dioxide, water, minerals and sunlight

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