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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Important questions for mppsc pre examinations series - 1


1.Khusro was the son of which Mughal emperor - Jahangir

2.Who was the Gandhi Peace Prize 2013 winner - an environmentalist

3. Which is the biggest day of the year -  20 June

4. Penicillin was discovered by - Alexander Fleming 

5. The intensity of earthquake is measured by - seismograph

6. Milk density is measured by - Lactometer

7. Which blood group person can be a universal provider - O

8. Microscope is used to study - nearby objects

9. Regional Research Branch of Indian Forest Research Institute is in which district of Madhya Pradesh

situated at -  Jabalpur district.

10, 'Fathometer' is used to measure - Depth of the sea

11, who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest - Junko Taibi 

12. Who has received Arjuna Award from Madhya Pradesh in the field of Naukayan - GL Yadav

13  whois the author of 'scattered beads' - Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

14. Dhupgarh peak is located - In Satpura Range

15. In MP Where is the currency printing press of India - Dewas

16. ​​Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award is related to which field - Journalism

17. where is "MP Veterinary and Animal Husbandry University" located in MP - Jabalpur

18.Sant Singaji was resident of which region of Madhya Pradesh - Neemar

19 “Who was Vishnu Chinchalkar - The painter

20. Which is the fellowship given by the Madhya Pradesh government in the field of music - Alauddin Khan

24.s the first state to obey the 73rd Constitutional amendment - Madhya Pradesh

22. Bhil tribe is found most in - In Madhya Pradesh

23. Under whose leadership did the tribals agitate in Sandhwa - Bhima Nayak movement in Sedhwa.

24. Rani Durgavati, Ruled in which area of madhya pradesh - Gondwana

25. Which country started the written constitution - America

26. What was the objective of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 - Better protection of human rights

27. On which date Human Rights Protection Act, 1993 came into force - 28 September, 1993

28. In which city is Ashbagh Stadium located -  Bhopal

29. Narendra Hirwani took 6 wickets in a Test match against whom - West Indies

30. How many players are there in a polo team - 4 players.

34. National Sports Day is celebrated on which of the following days -29 August. 

32.Sandhya Agarwal is related to which of the following sports - cricket.

33. Where is the headquarters of Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association located -  Indore

34. Who was the winner of men's singles in the Wimbledon Championships of 2015 - Novak Djokovic

35. 2016 Summer Olympics were held in -  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

36. The first page you usually see on a website is - Home page

37. Where such accessories connect in computer - usb port

38. Which of the following does not do the computer - undestanding

39. Which of the following is a computer language - c

40. Who is called the father of Indian supercomputer - Vijay Bhatkar

44.Which of the following is the biggest, fastest and most expensive computer - super computer

42. How many digits are made of binary language- 2 (0 and 1)

43.Select the minimum memory size unit - bit

44. How many bits in a byte - 8

45,. Who invented that there is life in plants - Jc Bose

46. ​​Which of the following is not a primary color -  black

47. The basis of continuous development is

54 In which sea is the most 'salinity' found? - The highest salinity is 34.2 percent in the Dead Sea.

52, which part is not a tsunami affected area? -  Coastal Zone of Gujarat

53. Which of the following is not social pollution? -  Agricultural pollution

54. Who is not an indicator of climate change? -  Long-term change

56. Who is the Chairman of Central Pollution Control Board? -  Arun Kumar Mehta

57. Who proposed the merger of Finance Commission and Planning Commission? -  M. V. Mathur

58. For what purpose was the Tarkunde Committee formed? -  Election reform

59. Which country has the world's first written constitution? -  America

60. "NABARD" is related? -  National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

62. Payment of foreign trade is related -  the balance of payments.

63, who has been called the guardian of the Constitution of India? - Supreme Court

64. What is the meaning of continuous economic development? -  Sustainable development

64. Which Constitutional Amendment Act is related to which constitution amendment bill? - 52nd Constitution Amendment Bill.

65. Who has called the Constitution a sacred document? - B. R. Ambedkar 

66. In which year the first general elections were held under the Indian Constitution - 1952 

67. The Second Five Year Plan was based on which model? -  Mahalanobis model.

68. The urinary purpose of the Fifth Five-Year Plan was? -  Remove poverty

69. What is the basis of Human Development Index? -  Health, education, standard of living

70. Talchir is the famous coal region of - Odisha

74, is the most productive state of asbestos in India? -  Andhra Pradesh

72. Belladilla is famous for the production of -  iron ore production

73. Which state of India borders Nepal, Bhutan and China with three countries? - Sikkim 

74. In which of the following states is Sabarimala located? -  Kerala

75. Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet? - Devprayag.

76. The line connecting the area with uniform rainfall is called? -  isohyte.

77.Which of the following is called 'Coffee Port' of the world? -  Santos

78. What is Gajati Chalisa, Prachanda Pachasa and Screaming Satha? - Western winds in southern hemishphere

79, pollution is the most harmful ozone layer? - chloroflocarbon which is air

80. What is 'alfalfa'? -  A type of grass

84. Where is the Great Barrier Reef located? -  In the Pacific Ocean

82. Which of the following states are found in pygmies? -  equatorial forest

83. When is World Earth Day celebrated? - 22 April

84. Charles Wood's mandate was related to which of the following? - Education

86.Who appointed Guru Nanak as his successor? - Guru Angad. Master

87. Which Mughal Emperor is known as  Rangila ? -  Muhammad Shah

88.Which year Sati was abolished by William Batting? - December 1829 A.D.

90. Who was the author of 'Indika'? - Mangasthenes

92. What is the total number of Sanskaras is -  16

93. Who was the author of  'Shahnama' -  Firdausi

94. State Museum of Bhopal was formerly known as -  Edward Museum

95. 'U and Me' campaign is related to - Dengue

96. Who is the brand ambassador of the Mother and Child Health Campaign of Madhya Pradesh government - Madhuri Dixit

97. Who wrote a book called 'Ignited Minds' - A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

98. 'Audi' is a car making company of which country - Germany

99, 'Maitri Express' rail service is related to - India - Pakistan

100. "Who issues" World Economic Outlook Report - International Monetary Fund

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