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Topic:- General Computer


1)  In MS Excel 2007, Print Tiles will be located in which of the following tabs?

1. Layout tab

2. Insert tab 

3. View tab

4. Page Layout tab 

Correct Answer :-  Page Layout tab 

2) Which of the following options is not present in MS Word 2010? 

1. Sort 

2. Magic tool 

3. Clip art

4, Font 

Correct Answer :-  Magic tool 

3) What kind of material does ‘IC’ in computers made of? 

1. Aluminium 

2. Vibranium 

3. Silicon 

4, Gallium

Correct Answer :-  Silicon 

4) In MS Word 2010, on which side will the rulers appear in the screen? 

1. Top and Right 

2. Top and Bottom 

3. Left and Top 

4, Left and Bottom 

Correct Answer :-  Left and Top 

5) In MS Word 2010, a paragraph gets selected by clicking how many times on the mouse? 

1. Once

2. We cannot select whole paragraph in MS Word 

3. Twice 

4. Thrice 

Correct Answer :-  Thrice 

6) In MS Word 2010, what is the function performed by the AutoCorrect? 

1. It automatically corrects a given sentence. 

2. It gives different word having same meaning. 

3. It gives correct sentence. 

4. It corrects misspelled words.

Correct Answer :-  It corrects misspelled words. 

7) In MS Word 2010, the ‘Format Painter’ can be used for which of the following options? 

1. Paint 

2. Graphics 

3, Text 

4. Images 

Correct Answer :-  Text 

8) In MS Word 2010, which of the following options will not be present in ‘Clipborad’? 

1. Paste

2. Copy 

3. Redo 

4. Cut 

Correct Answer :-  Redo 

9) In MS Excel 2007, we use the in order to freeze the row only. 

1. Insert tab 

2. Review tab 

3. Design tab 

4, View tab 

Correct Answer :-  View tab 

10) In MS Excel 2007, option will allow you to delete, edit, or add new conditional

formatting rules. 

1. New Rules 

2. Manage Rules 

3. Clear Rules 

4. None of the above

Correct Answer :-  Manage Rules 

(11) In MS Excel 2010, the shortcut key to display Save As dialogue box is: 

1. F10

2. Ctrl+S

3. F12

4. Alt+F12

Correct Answer :-ALT+ F12

12) In MS Excel 2007, Themes button will be available in__.

1. Insert tab 

2. Review tab 

3. Home tab 

4. Page Layout tab 

Correct Answer :-  Page Layout tab 

13) Operating system is type of ————software. 

1. system 

2. application

3, volatile 

4. processing 

Correct Answer :- system 

14. In any MS Office 2007, which of the following options is use to retain the original format of the item selected? 

1. Keep Text Only 

2. Keep Source Formatting 

3, Set Default Paste 

4. Match Destination Formatting 

Correct Answer :-  Keep Source Formatting 

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