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Friday, February 5, 2021

100+ imp gk questions from previous year vyapam question papers

Which article of the Directive Principles deals with free and compulsory education for children? - Article 45

For which reason is Mukundpur of Satna known? -White Tiger Safari

When was the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched? - 2 October 2014

Vidisha city is on the banks of which river? - Betwa River

What was "Diwan-e-Rasalt" during the Delhi Sultanate? - Foreign Department

Which river is on the river Dardi? - Narmanda river

Who assumed the title of Raiyat-e-Ala? - Khiz Khan

In which field is the Global-500 award presented? - For environmental immunity

When and where was the digital postman scheme launched? - 14 January 2014 from Indore

Who has written a book called Rehla? - Ibn vatuta

The allocation of state-wise seats in the Lok Sabha is based on the 1971 census and the assessment will remain the same till which year? -2026

Proportional representation system is used in whose election? -President

Phobos is the satellite of which house? - Mars

In which state is the Hazaribagh National Park located? -Jharkhand

Where is the headquarters of Interpol located? - Leone (France)

What is the name of the northernmost point of India? - Indira Cole

Dodoma is the capital of which country? - Tanzania

When is National Science Day celebrated? -28 February

Who was awarded the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman 207? - Preeti Patel

Who murdered Mubarak Shah Khilji? -Gaji Malik (Gyasudin Tughlaq)

Dihang is another name for which river? - Brahmaputra

Balma dance is related to which tribe? -Baiga

In which division of the Rigveda is the friendship of the ten ragya war? - In the seventh division

Where is Sutkagedor ancient place located? - Balochistan (Pakistan)

What does Article 44 of the Constitution provide? Uniform Civil Code

What are the Triratnas of Buddhism? - Bududh, Dhamma and Sangha

Where was Alauddin Khan Sangeet Academy established? - (Bhopal)

Who was the first film actress nominated for Rajya Sabha? - Nargis Dutt

Who gave the theory of gravity? - Newton

Who was the ruler during the third Buddhist association? -Ashoka

With what does Banihal Pass connect Kashmir? —All India

Where does Damodar river originate? -Chota Nagpur Plateau

What was the capital of Vatsa kingdom during Mahajanapada period? - Kanshambi

Shravanvelgola is in which state? - Karnataka

Whose son was Samudragupta? —Chandragupta

What is the name of the world's largest river island? - Majuli

1922 Who gave the idea that "the Constitution of India should be made according to the wishes of Indians"? - Mahatma Gandhi

The Vikram era was started by -Chandragupta 2

Who received the title of Quran Khan? - Qutubuddin Aivek

Humayun's Tomb was built by - Haji Begum Dowara

Where was the tenth World Hindi Conference organized? - Bhopal

Where is the Disabled Rehabilitation Center established in Madhya Pradesh? - Jabalpur

In Which direction does the Tapti River flow? -Western direction

What is the name of the state flower of Madhya Pradesh? -White Lily

Where did the river Taus originate from? —Kamur hill Satna

Which district of Madhya Pradesh has the highest population density? - Bhopal 

Who was the founder of the Satya Shodhak Samaj? - Jyotiba Phule

In which district Ramji Baba's fair is organized in Madhya Pradesh? - Hoshangabad

Which channel separates Lakshadweep and Minikaya? -9 degree channel

What is the full form of GST (6957)? - Goods and Service Tax

In which state is Kozhikode port? - Kerala

By which amendment has the words socialist, secular and integrity been added to the preamble of the Indian Constitution? -42nd Constitution Amendment

Who was the Prime Minister of India at the beginning of the Fifth Five Year Plan? - Indira Gandhi

By what name is the Economic Corridor of Pakistan and China known - Gwadar Port

Where is the Indian Institute of Forest Management located? - Bhopal

What is the total geographical area of ​​India? - 3287263 sq km

Which organization was founded by Rajaram Mohan Roy in 1828? - Brahma Samaj

Who was the founder of National Herald newspaper? - Jawaharlal Nehru

Which Viceroy had ended the Vernacular Press Act? —Lard Ripon

On which river is the Bansagar project built? -Son River

In which year was the Battle of Plassey? - June 1757

In which article is the mention of appointment of Comptroller and Auditor General of India? - Article 48

Kaathi is a popular play of which region? - Construction Zone

Who got Gujari Mahal constructed? -Raja Maan Singh

Kalisindh and Paviti are the tributaries of which river? -Chambal

What is the literacy rate of Jabalpur? - 82.45 percent

How many subjects were originally in the concurrent list in the seventh schedule? -47 topics

Who started the New India daily paper? - Mahatma Gandhi

How many countries touch the border of Sikkim? -Three countries

Under which article does the President of India promulgate ordinance? - Article 23

Census 20 | According to what is the literacy rate of Madhya Pradesh? -69.3 percent

Where is the famous Garuda pillar of Heliodorus located? - Vidisha

Who was hanged along with Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev on 23 March 1934? - Rajguru

On which river is the Patalpani waterfall? -Chambal (Indore)

Who has replaced Planning Commission? - Policy Commission

What is the area of ​​Madhya Pradesh? -308252 sq km

Which country is associated with "Aung San Suu Kyi"? - Myanmar

Plastic cross in Madhya PradeshWhere is it installed? -Tamot (Raisen)

Which river originates from Kakri Birdy? -The river of Chipra

When was the AMRUT scheme launched? -25 June 205

In which district is Satpura National Park located? - Hoshangabad

The Finance Bill is first introduced in which house of Parliament? - In the Lok Sabha

In which district of Madhya Pradesh is the Math Ghoghra fair organized? - Seoni (Maranthan)

Where is Holkar Stadium located? - Indore

What is the minimum age to contest presidential elections in India? -35 years

Who is Radhika Menon? - First woman merchant navy captain of India

On which river is the Gandhi Sagar Dam built? - Chambal River

Dabri Irrigation Project is related to which district? - Alirajpur

Vishnu Prayag is called the confluence of which two rivers? - Alaknanda and Dholiganga

What is the name of the world's largest river island? -Majuli Island

Where is Sanjay Gandhi Thermo Power Plant located? Birsinghpur (Umaria)

Name the first water tourism (island) site of Madhya Pradesh? -Hanuvantia island

20] 7 Where was the summit of SCO organized? -Astana (Kazakhstan)

Which river is the largest road bridge in Madhya Pradesh? - On the Tawa river

When did the Madhya Pradesh government start the first phase of the Darutak campaign? - November 206

The Tarkunde Committee was formed for - Election Reforms

In which year did Congress demanded full swaraj? -1929

 Where is the largest handloom industry of Madhya Pradesh located? - Burhanpur

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