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Monday, February 8, 2021

important questions from previou year vyapam question papers

 Question No.1 -choose the option that best combines the given sentences. 

Penguins are swimming birds. Penguins are called sea birds.

(A)  Penguins, calling themselves sea birds, are swimming birds.

(B)  Penguins, looking like swimming birds are called sea birds.

(C) Penguins are swimming birds but called sea birds.

(D) Penguins are swimming birds that are called sea birds. 

Correct Answer - Penguins are swimming birds that are called sea birds. 

Question No. 2 - Defect in FeO30 will be called defect.

(A)  Schottky

(B)  metal excess

(C) Frenkel

(D) metal deficiency 

Correct Answer - metal deficiency 

Question No.3  Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition in the given sentence:

Our mentor congratulated us our victory.

(A)  for 

(B)  at

(C) on 

(D) since

Correct Answer- ON

Question No.4

Which of the following is a cross linked polymer?

(A) Bakelite (Correct Answer) 

(B) Pvc

(C) Low density polythene

(D) High density polythene

Question No.5

To divide a line segment AB in the ratio 3:4; first, a ray AX is drawn so that 2BAX is an acute angle and then at equal distances points are marked on the ray AX such that the minimum number of these points is:

(A) 5 

(B) 11

(C) 7 (Correct Answer)

(D) 9

Question No.6

The condition for total internal reflection to take place is that the:

(A) Light ray should go from optically rarer medium to optically denser medium.

(B) Angle of incidence is equal to critical angle.

(C) Light ray should travel from optically denser medium to optically rarer medium. (Correct Answer) 

(D) Angle of incidence is less than the critical angle.

Question No.7 

A bridge across the road makes an angle of 60° with the road. Determine the width of the road, if the length of bridge passing above the road is 120 cm.

(A) 6013 (Correct Answer) 

(B) 6v3

(C) 80v3

(D) 40V3

Question No.8 

Fill in the blank with the appropriate modal for the given sentence:

I --- teach you math; I'm very good at it.

(A) ought to

(B) should

(C) can (Correct Answer) 

(D) must

Question No.9 

Fill in the blank with the correct word in the given sentence:

You need to the meat before you put in the microwave.

(A) disfrost

(B) defrost (Correct Answer)

(C) unfrost 

(D) overtrost

Question No.10

When a particle is in uniform circular motion then:

(A) Its speed and acceleration both changes.

(B) Its speed is constant but velocity changes. (Correct Answer)

(C) Velocity and acceleration are both constant. 

(D) Its acceleration is constant but the velocity changes.


Question No.11 

Choose the correct option for the sentence written in error below.

Please convey my regarding to her.

(A) Please convey my regards to her. (Correct Answer) 

(B) Please convey my regarding to her.

(C) Please convey mine regarding to her.

(D) Please conveyance my regards to her.


Question No.12 

Fill in the blank with the correct conjunction in the given sentence:

I will call you _______ I reach home.

(A) supposing

(B) as long as

(C) as much as

(D) as soon as (Correct Answer) 

Question No.13 

If Np3 = 120, then n:

(A)  6 (Correct Answer) 

(B) 10

(C) 15

(D) 2O

Question No.14 

Which of the following structure is NOT present in prokaryotic cells?

(A) Nuclear envelope (Correct Answer) 

(B) Plasma membrane

(C) Mesosome

(D) Ribosome

Question No.15 

Dark reaction takes place in which of the following structure?

(A) Mitochondria

(B) Thylakoid 

(C) Grana

(D) Stroma (Correct Answer)

Question No.16

Which of the following sentences is WRONG?

(A)  Thirty thousand rupees is a lot of money for me.

(B) Seven miles are a long distance to walk. (Correct Answer) 

(C) Politics is a tough field.

(D) Mathematics is a difficult subject.

Question No.17

Sonalika and Kalyan Sona are varieties of .

(A) Sugar cane

(B) Pulses

(C) Rice 

(D) Wheat (Correct Answer)

Question No.18

Fill in the blank with the correct determiner in the given sentence:

Could you buy me a pencil? I don't find _____ in my pencil box.

(A) much

(B) any (Correct Answer) 

(C) some

(D) many

Question No.19

The number of 25-paisa, 50-paisa and 1-Rupee coins in a bag is in the ratio 5:6:2 respectively. If the value of the coins is Rs. 2500, then find the value of all 25-paisa coins in the bag.

(A) Rs. 625

(B) Rs. 800

(C) Rs. 500 (Correct Answer) 

(D) Rs. 2000

Question No.20

Two bodies of equal mass are moving with uniform velocities v and 2v. Find the ratio of their Kinetic energies.

(A) 1:2

(B) 4:1 

(C) 2:1

(D) 1:4 (Correct Answer)

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