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Friday, August 28, 2020

How Skill Development, 2015 can tackle the problem of unemployment

Unemployment refers to the situation in which a laborer is qualified and ready to work, but does not get employment. In other words, unemployment is a situation where a person fails to find work despite being able and ready to work, which provides him work or livelihood.

The ratio of the number of unemployed persons to the total workforce is unemployment.

Reasons for unemployment- The problem of unemployment in India has taken a shocking situation since independence. There are many such components.
Those who have a major role in increasing unemployment, some of the factors are described as follows-

1. High Population Growth Rate - The country's rapid growth over the past few decades. The increasing population has rapidly (furiously) compounded the problem of unemployment. Due to the rapidly increasing population of the country, each
There has been an increase in the magnitude of unemployment during the Plan period, which created a terrible (dangerous) situation. The growth rate of population has been higher than India's economic growth. Like this
Despite economic growth, the problem of unemployment has increased horribly.

2. Inadequate rate of economic development - Although India is a developing country, the growth rate is insufficient to absorb (consume) the entire labor force of the country. Employment opportunities are insufficient to accommodate the country's additional labor force, resulting in a rapid increase in the country's population.

3. Lack of employment opportunities in activities other than agriculture - Agricultural sectors have played a major role in providing employment compared to other areas of the country. The main reason for rural unemployment is the low agricultural growth rate, as about 2/3 of the population is engaged in agricultural work due to which the pressure of population on the land is high. Therefore, a part of the labor force suffers from hidden unemployment.

4. Seasonal Employment - Agriculture provides seasonal employment in India. Therefore, when the agricultural work is not done then the people associated with agriculture become unemployed.

5. Joint family system- Joint family covert in India promotes unemployment. Generally, family members engage in family business in family farms. In these economic activities
Excessive family members are implicit (attached).

6. Increasing number of graduates from Indian universities - from Indian universities during the last decade. The increase in the number of graduates has increased educational unemployment. In the Indian educational system, more emphasis is being placed in technical and engineer (engineering) fields than in art subjects, but unemployment is prevalent among technical graduates.

7. Slow growth of industries - Industrialization in the country is not fast and employment opportunities for industrial workers are few. Industrial Area
Excess agriculture is not able to accommodate (labor) labor, which promotes hidden unemployment in the agricultural sector.

8. Inappropriate techniques - One of the main reasons of unemployment in urban industrial sectors is the use of inappropriate technologies. Instead of using the labor power available in the country as per the requirement, the optimum use of capital-intensive technique, which minimizes the use of labor. Use of this type of technology is unsuitable for India, which is unemployment rather than accommodating more labor force

In the light of the above reasons, it can be said that one of the main reasons of India's poverty is unemployment spread in the country. This is a major problem of the country, which is equally prevalent in cities and villages. this one
There is a socio-economic problem, which is the result of the modern era. It has taken a very serious form in our country. Due to this, peace and order in the country has been threatened. Therefore, this problem needs immediate diagnosis.

Measures to correct unemployment

As a long-term way to correct unemployment, we have to curb population growth. As an immediate measure, people should be provided with funds by arranging training to engage in private businesses, so that the search for jobs can be reduced.

To overcome the problem of unemployment in villages, cottage industry businesses should be promoted. For this, adequate training facilities should be provided and raw materials should be made available on time.

The government should guarantee to buy finished goods at a reasonable price. This work can be easily done by cooperative institutions. Unemployment
Measures to Eliminate - To make unemployment. As a long-term solution, we have to make our education system. You will have to make radical changes. We need technicians and hand workers, not clocks. One of the major steps towards solving the problem of unemployment in India can be considered the 2015 National Policy on Skill Development, which will be helpful in reducing unemployment to a great extent.

It is noteworthy that on 15 July 2015, on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally launched the 'Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) .. from Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi. Under this scheme, skill development education will be imparted to youth in the form of vocational and technical knowledge. About Rs. 1500 Crore Prime Minister
The skill development scheme will be implemented through the Skill Development Corporation created for the first time. 24 under major skills training programs
Lakhs of  youth were trained for various types of employment

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