Saturday, August 22, 2020

Relevance of humanistic view of Saint Kabir

Sant Kabir was a pioneer of the Bhakti era. He is also commonly called a reformer because of his blasphemy and attacking two evil words prevailing in society.  But in fact, Kabir was not a reformer but a humanist who tried to establish human values ​​by attacking discrimination prevailing in the society. When they say that 'If a Brahmin is worn by wearing a Janeu, then the Brahmin does not wear his wife' Janeu ', then she is a Shudra, so why does he eat his wife's food?  Through this Kabir attacks Brahminism on the one hand and on the other hand discriminatory social attitude towards women. He was a true humanist.  In human beings, he never quarreled in the name of caste and religion, but instead guided the truth and preached to destroy false pride. Kabir remained calm amid the tormented life.  He used to tell devotion to the art of happy life.  Kabir had this same knowledge, with the help of this knowledge, he kept trying to bring greenery in life.  They say that if you want your good, listen to my words carefully and follow them.  He tells every human being to first stabilize themselves, calm down, identify themselves and live in bliss.  According to him, when humans remove all the disorders of the mind  If you sit quietly with a stable mind, then it will be saved from all kinds of odd situations.

Kabir emphasizes practicality, his suggestion is straightforward and irrefutable. He suggests removing man from earthly traps and ending up.  They say that it is futile to think far, in the proximity is the abode of happiness. All body holders have to suffer in this world according to their own order.  In this hour of sorrow one must not panic, but should bear the grief peacefully.  Knowledgeable people, with the help of their knowledge, enjoy the suffering of this sorrow peacefully with a steady mind, but the ignorant go stung and start crying. As long as there is a disorder in the mind, it is not possible to get rid of the worldly resources.  It is only after purification that the mind becomes enchanted in devotional juice and begins to move away from the worldly world.  They say mind is pure. On being, the behavior will be pure, and only by being pure will the ideal human being be created.

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