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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Importance of agriculture in the economy of Madhya Pradesh.

Agriculture is the main source of Madhya Pradesh's economy. 74.73 percent of the state's population lives in rural areas and is dependent on farms. Approx 49 percent of the state's land is cultivable. The agriculture here contributes not only to the state but also to the economy of the country. | A large part of the state's people are earning their livelihood through agriculture or other agricultural-related industries. About 74 percent of the state's population lives in the village, which is directly related to agriculture. Of 2011
According to statistics, 42.79 percent of the total working population is engaged in agricultural enterprises (farmers and agricultural laborers), but about one-third of the state's population is working in favor of agricultural workers, this employment is "seasonal" and workers. There is wastage of an increased number of people, due to which neither the living standard of the villagers here is improving nor this working class is not able to play any special role in upgrading the economy of the state.

The importance of agriculture in Madhya Pradesh's economy is due to two reasons. The first is that this sector contributes about a quarter of the economy of Madhya Pradesh and secondly that a large section of the rural population is directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for livelihood.  Apart from this, agriculture and allied sectors through infrastructure development schemes like road dams, minor irrigation, and industries.

Keeping in view the interests of about two-thirds of the population dependent on agriculture and being small, it is necessary that the possibilities of employment and income available in this area are fully utilized. It has often been seen that food security, employment opportunities, and family income levels have increased through agricultural development, which has also improved the social and economic conditions of the people. 

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