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Friday, August 28, 2020

What is Bio-diversity ?its importance and step for conservation

Biodiversity is the number and diversity of organisms found in a certain geographical area. It is related to types of plants, animals and microbes. His genetics are from the ecosystem he created. It deals with the variability of living organisms found on Earth, variability in the same species and different species, and diversity from different ecosystems. Biodiversity is a livestock wealth that grows after millions of years.

Importance of Biodiversity - Biological diversity is very important for us, because it is very helpful in the development of human culture. On the other hand, humans have contributed a great deal in maintaining natural diversity at genetic, ethnic and ecological levels. Biodiversity has three main roles which are ecological, economic and scientific role.
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1. Ecological Role of Biodiversity: There are many species in the ecosystem which perform different types of functions. Each organism uses certain objects to fulfill its needs and also returns some substances to meet the needs of other organisms. Organisms and species collect and store energy, produce and decompose organic matter and help maintain the cycle of water and nutrients in the ecosystem.
Additionally, species stabilize atmospheric gas and contribute significantly to climate control.

2. Economic Role of Biodiversity - The economic importance of biodiversity is very high, as it provides many types of resources for economic development. Bio
An important part of diversity is the "diversity of crops", also called agricultural biodiversity. It gives mankind food. Bio
Some important items that humans can get from diversity are food crops, animals, forest resources, fisheries and pharmaceutical resources etc. Due to increasing demand, there is a shortage of these products. Due to which tensions and disputes increase.

3. Scientific Role of Biodiversity - Biodiversity is of great importance for scientific study. This tells us how life started and the future
How life will develop in This shows the contribution of each species to maintain ecosystems. It is our duty to maintain good relations with all species so that each species gets a fair chance to live and grow. We should not do anything that causes a species to become extinct. The high level of biodiversity is a reasonable measure of our sweet relationship with other living species.

Conservation of Biodiversity - Conservation aims to maintain the continuity of development, allowing the natural powers to sustain and develop the species. The need for conservation of biodiversity is because it is necessary for the survival of human life. The life of beings depends so much on each other. That due to crisis on one species the life of other animals
The balance is disturbed. If the intelligence of plants and animals is endangered, then it causes degradation in the environment and ultimately human's own existence may be in danger.

There is a need to educate the masses so that every person is environmentally friendly.
Be able to adopt Christian methods and make our lives coordinated with the lives of other beings. The contribution of local communities is very important for this. At the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in June 1992, India signed a biodiversity agreement with 155 other countries. The National Conservation Plan has outlined the desired government policy and action to protect biological diversity. 'World Conservation Strategy' for conservation of biological diversity
Conservation Strategy) has given the following suggestions:

(i) Efforts should be made to conserve endangered species.
(ii) Proper plans and management are required to protect the species from extinction.
(ii) Varieties of food grains, varieties of fodder plants, timber trees, livestock, varieties of animals and their wild species should be protected.
(iv) Every country should identify wildlife habitat and ensure its safety.
(v) The place of growth and development of the species should be protected and protected.

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