Friday, August 28, 2020

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a protocol for wireless (wireless) communication. Devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, printers, digital (digital) cameras, and video games can exchange information by connecting to each other through it. Devices use radio waves to connect. Bluetooth was originally developed to reduce the number of cables (cables) connecting computers to other devices. Bluetooth can be used only for a relatively short distance, even just a few meters.
Bluetooth is a technique for establishing wireless connections between two electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptop digital cameras, printers, etc. That is, it is a wireless technology that connects various electronic devices without a wire, that is, without the Internet, the data is transferred from one device to another using short-wavelength radio transmission or waves. Through this, the devices are an English translation of the word interconnect or the Swedish word blatand. The name Bluetooth is derived from the 10th-century Danish king Harald Bluetooth. According to the inventors of Bluetooth technology, Harald called diplomacy a move under which the warring parties or parties began to compromise with each other and this process led to the Bluetooth with the name of this technology
Under which different types of equipment or tips can be exchanged. Basically other than a computer
The devices were developed to reduce the number of wires connecting them. Bluetooth is considered a secure way of transacting information. There are several standards for Bluetooth and data transmission rates vary. It currently stands at 1- 3MBit per second. Bluetooth applications are typically used to connect a headset to a mobile phone or a computer mouse, keyboard, or printer (printer) to a computer. Bluetooth can also be connected. Bluetooth provides a way to connect electronic devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles, etc. and share information. This is actually basically a networking standard,
Which works on two levels:
1. In the first level, it provides a consent agreement on a physical basis.
2. In the second level, it also grants consent on the basis of protocol. In the second level, devices or products have to agree on when bits are dispatched? How many bits will be sent at a time and how can different parties ensure that the message received is the one that is sent during the exchange of information
has gone.

The biggest feature of Bluetooth technology is that it is wireless, inexpensive, and automated technology. Other techniques can also be used in this context. These techniques also include an infrared communication
Is included. Although infrared communication devices are reliable to a great extent and do not cost too much, they do have certain drawbacks. These drawbacks are:
1. Infrared is a line of off-site technology. For example, we take the television or DVD player remote. To play or turn off the television or DVD player, we need to point the remote to the same point as the television or DVD player.
2. Infrared is a one-to-one technology. For example, you can send data between your desktop computer and laptop computer, but you cannot send data between a laptop, computer, and personal digital assistant (PDA) at a time.

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