Friday, August 28, 2020

What is DNA Finger-printing ?

Variations in the basic genetic material (DNA) of different individuals or organisms can be observed with the help of DNA fingerprinting technology. DNA of members of species of different organisms. a. Formats vary. This is the reason why the fingerprint of the other person does not match in any person of the population except identical twins. One person differs from another due to DNA. Fingerprinting of DNA identifies areas in the DNA that indicate any amount of variation from one person to another.

The same type of DNA images are obtained from all the cells of a person's body, whether they are from blood or skin or from sperm or hair, these strip images are called DNA fingerprints. DNA fingerprinting was first developed by Alec Geoffrey in 1984
The usefulness of DNA finger-printing has proved to be important in many areas and has been a boon for resolving court disputes. Disputed parenthood can be described by this. The culprits can be identified. To find out the biological father of a disputed child, a sample of the DNA of the child, mother, and possible father is taken. The child's DNA bands should show similarity with their biological parents. Similarly, it is also useful in identifying the culprit. Comparison of DNA, hair, blood or sperm of a person with suspicion
It is done with the received symbols. And the culprit can be captured only by DNA fingerprinting.

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