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Saturday, August 22, 2020

What is haemophilia? its symptoms and treatment

- Haemophilia is a genetic disease in which blood flowing outside the body does not accumulate, due to which it can prove to be fatal in injury or accident. According to experts, the cause of this disease is a blood
There is a deficiency of protein. What is called the clotting factor is that it stops the flow of blood clots by flowing.

The number of patients suffering from this disease is very less, in this disease, due to a slight injury in any part of the patient's body, a large amount flows and the patient can also die. The disease is caused by a deficiency of a substance called thromboplastin in the blood.
The clot does not form due to its absence in the blood.


(1) Making blue marks in the body
(2) bleeding from the nose
(3) bleeding inside the eye
(4) joint swelling


It is good to keep giving blood transfusions again and again. 100 cubic cm in excessive bleeding. Blood transfusion is given at a difference of 8 hours. Thrombin powder is of importance for spatial treatment in external bleeding. Other means of stopping bleeding such as tissue, blood serum oxalic acid are also beneficial.

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