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Describe the Chernobyl Atomic Plant Tragedy 1986.

Chernobyl nuclear accident - occurred on 26 April 1986 in Chenneville, Ukraine. This is the most terrible nuclear accident ever. The disaster began on April 28, 1986, with the fourth part of the Chernoville nuclear plant during a system test. There was a sudden increase in power generation and when an attempt was made to shut it down due to an emergency, there was a huge increase in the production of electricity. This breaks a plant
Gaya and uncontrolled nuclear explosion series began. These incidents may be the cause of the fire in the graphite of the plant. Radioactive materials rapidly spread to nearby areas with strong wind and fire. There was a huge loss of life and property and about 350,400 people were displaced and settled in different places. Belarus was the most affected by this incident. The accident took place in Ukraine of the former Soviet Union.

The decisive phase of a simulation began as an experiment in reactor-block 4 of the powerhouse. The purpose of the simulation was to prove that if for some reason the entire powerhouse failed. Even if the reactor has to be shut down immediately, sufficient power can be collected from the closed reactor to keep the cooling pumps and various types of measuring devices running. The reactor started slowing down its capacity from 3200 MW to 500 MW 12 hours earlier. The real experiment started at 1.23 am after midnight on 25 April. The first reactor that stopped the turbine exploded at midnight: the first step was to shut down a wall and then the emergency system to cool the reactor. 40 seconds later in the reactor in an emergency
The automatic reaction of automatic fission (chain reaction) to automatically stop the process of nuclear fission was abruptly out of control. There were two loud blasts in Block 4 at 1.24 pm. The explosions were so powerful that more than a thousand tons of heavy armor covered the reactor and the roof of the roof over it blew. Reactor engaged
The sticks of fuel rods were shattered. The radioactive material containing rods jumped into the air to a height of some three kilometers. Reactor your
The inner heat started melting. The 250-tonne portion of graphite, which did not fly in the air, kept burning for the next 10 days.

This was such a horrifying event that the Chernobyl powerhouse did not. So in fact, no emergency plan or guide was ever prepared by the manufacturers and engineers to deal with such an accident or to treat their safety properly. Like Fukushima, there was chaos in Chernobyl for weeks.
The Chernobyl disaster was thus the worst nuclear power plant accident ever recorded in history in terms of cost and casualties. This is one of the two incidents on the International Nuclear Incident Scale so far, recorded as Level 7 (the maximum classification), while the second incident occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan in 2011 happened.


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