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Friday, September 18, 2020

What are the values? Describe the major types of values.

Values ​​are socially recognized questions, which are generated by the actions of the individual, such as, euphoria,integrity, patriotism, etc.

Values ​​are generally seen in two major forms -

1 provable value - the desired goal as the total achievement of long-term tasks, such as salvation, self-respect, honesty, etc.

 2. Instrument value - the price fixed to get the real value, such as earning money by borrowing, etc.).

Apart from this, values ​​are also classified on the basis of subject-related relationship.

 1. Physical or biological value - improper to improve the jovan level, such as good eating, wearing well.

 2. Social Values- Values ​​considered good in terms of social order, such as Mahla education.

 3 mental values ​​or emotional values ​​- compassion, compassion etc.

 4 aesthetic value values ​​related to nature, art, humanism, beauty- worship of trees.

 5 Moral Values ​​- Inaccurate associated with the character and conduct of the person, such as speaking the truth, not corruption.

 6. Spiritual Values ​​- Spiritual Values ​​of Life are related to meaning.  Religion, Moksha.

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