Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Judicial System at State Level.

According to Article 214 of the Constitution, there will be a High Court for each state. Also, this arrangement has been made in Article 231. That Parliament may, by law, establish a single High Court for two or more States or for two or more States and a Union Territory. Constitution of High Court-Appointment of Judges-Every High Court as per Article 216, Chief Justice and Shall consist of such other Judges as the President may consider necessary to be appointed from time to time. Appointment of Executive Chief Justice - It is mentioned under Article 223.

Qualifications- Article 217 requires the following qualifications to become a High Judge.
(1) Be a citizen of India.
(2) To serve in any judicial post for at least 10 years.
Serving as an advocate in a High Court or other courts for at least 10 consecutive years.

Subordinate Courts - There are three types of courts in each district - Civil Court, Criminal Court, Land Revenue Court. They function under the supervision and control of the High Court of the state.

Family Courts have been established under the Kutumb Courts-Kutumb Courts Act 1984 or. By this act the court is empowered to exercise discretion in promoting friendly agreements in family disputes.

Lok Adalat Lok Adalat means 'people's court'. It is a justice system that provides quick and easy justice, using mutual harmony and reconciliation as the primary objective.

Village Courts - With a view to providing justice to the people at their doorstep, the Parliament enacted the Village Courts Act 2008 for the establishment of village courts at the intermediary panchayat level. This Act came into effect from October 2, 2009.

Fast Track Court - Fast Track Court established from April 1, 2001 with full financial support of the Central Government for speedy disposal of pending cases in courts across the country, these courts were pending for more than two years and the prisoners under consideration. Settles matters of

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