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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What is the Renaissance that took place in Europe. & its main causes

-Re-resurrection literally means "awake again", but it is not a sleeping person waking up from sleep, but the whole human being. In fact 5th to 6th century BC Greek Roman in Europe
In the empire, many thinkers such as Socrates, Pluto, Aristotle, Pythagoras presented many dimensions of human development and which had fallen in the Middle Ages. After the 13th century, he again returned to an awakened state from dormancy. Based on the inspiration of ancient Europe, the construction of modern Europe was initially known as Renaissance. The Renaissance is not just reminiscent of ancient Greek and Roman achievements, but is also the name of the revival of cosmic tendencies in which human beings were stressed.

The main reasons for this are-

(1) War of Religion: The war between Muslims (Seljuk Turko) and Christians over the holy pilgrimage center of Christianity called Jerusalem is called Crusade.
This occurred between the 11th and 13th centuries. Intellectual social and economic consequences are very important in this. These crusades gave Europeans a chance to get in touch with the scholars of the East
Due to which they got information about the reasoning, experimentation and scientific discoveries of the eastern countries. The failure of the crusade hurt the reputation of the Pope and the Church

(2) The fall of feudalism- The Crusades paved the way for the fall of feudal system in Europe.

(3) Development of trade commerce - European merchants settled on the shores of Jerusalem and Asia Minor, resulting in trade growth. Business
Due to the requirements, many of the cities (international cities) were given to them by trade relations with their eastern countries, such as Venice, Milan, Florence etc. With the development of business, the emergence of the class of capitalism also
Happened and the result was a struggle between the feudal class and capitalism.

(4) Fall of Kustuntunia - In 1453 AD, the Turks took over Kustuntunia, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. As a result, many writers, philosophers, scientists, artists present there migrated to Italy, France, Germany, and also took with them ancient Greek and Roman knowledge science and method of thinking. The discovery of new routes for trade became necessary as Turkey gained control over Kustuntunia.
And these circumstances helped to spread the Renaissance.

(5) Geographical Discoveries - Sailors of Portugal and Spain like Vasco da Gama, Columbus etc. discovered many new waterways. These geographical discoveries promoted ideological exchanges in various countries. This increased the thinking power of the person, human capacity and his confidence.

(6) Invention of paper and printing system - Europeans learned the art of paper making through the Middle Ages Arabs. In the 12th century, the Arabs were familiar with the technology of printing printing in Europe.
Karaya which was developed by the Chinese in the 11th century. The printing press was invented in the 15th century, which led to the development of this paper and printing technology, ending the monopoly of specific people over memoranda. Books like the Bible began to be printed in the local language. Now no one could lecture them arbitrarily.

(7) Rise of Mongol Empire- Kublai Khan established a huge empire in Central Asia in the 13th century. This included Russia, Poland, Hungary. Its court meets East and West scholars
The site was The famous Venetian traveler Marco Polo was in the court of Kublai Khan in 1272 AD. His travel details stirred the psyche of Europeans.

(8) Development of education and literature - Universities started to be established in different regions of Europe. The world-famous Cardova University in Spain promoted innovative ideas in Europe. Dante, Petraca, Tomas Moore
Tried to reestablish cultural pride by translating ancient texts into different languages.

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