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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The public welfare activities of Firozshah Tughluq.

Ferozeshah Tughlaq (1351-1388) tried to satisfy the public with his public welfare policies, the Kadvi legacy received from Mohammad Tughlaq.

Following are the public welfare works of Ferozeshah

(1) For the sake of economic-financial reform, he abolished 24 types of taxes and applied only four types of taxes jiziya, zakat, khamj, khirat.

(2) He took 1/3 to 1/5 of the land revenue survey conducted which was 6 crore 85 lakhs taka annual.

(3) Ferozeshah Tughlaq planted 1200 fruit orchards, built five big, canals. Yamuna canal is one of these canals.

(4) Ferozeshah established the "Diwan-e-Dastahar" for "Diwan-e-Khairat" pension for poor and orphans.

(5) Ferozeshah established a free hospital called "Darulshafa" for the poor.

(6) Ferozeshah established about 300 cities like Ferozepur, Ferozabad and Hisar Feroz etc.

(7) Ferozeshah translated many (about 1300) Sanskrit texts into Arabic, Persian to understand the ancient Indian culture.

Due to this kind of public welfare work of Ferozeshah, Henry Elliot has called him "Akbar of the Sultanate period".

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