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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Functions of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes in India

The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes is a constitutional body. Joint Article by 65th Constitution Amendment Act. Establishment of Caste and Tribe Commission 338, but when the Ministry of Separate Tribal was constituted to adequately protect the interests of the tribes, the Government also established a separate Tribal Commission.
Has taken steps so 89th S.No. (2003) Act. An independent National Commission for Scheduled Tribes was established under 338 (A).


Vice president
Three members

They are appointed by the President by order and stamped letter. And their tenure and service conditions are also decided there.


1. To review the constitutional protection that tribes have received.
2. To give advice to the Government to give practical form to the rights given to the tribes in the constitution.
Examining the rights of 3 tribes in case of violation.
4. Which tribe Is included in the tribe. To advise the President in this regard.
5. To make suggestions to overcome the problems of tribes such as education, health, land transfer.
6. To report annually to the President about the status and development of tribes.
7. Generating awareness among tribes.
8. The Commission's role was important in implementing the PESA Act 1996 and Tribal Forest Officer Act 2006.
9. The Commission also has powers of a civil court.

Thus the Tribes Commission is playing an important role in establishing social justice in India by protecting the interests of the tribes.

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