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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The previleges of the Indian President and their importance

The President of India is the head of the nation, he is the first citizen of India. The President is the formal head of the executive of the Union. (Article 52) The position is similar to that of the Empress of Britain but is not hereditary, its principal privileges are-

(1) Section Under 72, the right of pardon such as suspension of punishment, commutation or remission and pardon on death penalty also.

(2) Section Power to nominate 12 members in Rajya Sabha under 80.

3 President's crisis rights described in 352, 356 and 360
(1) National Emergency, (2) President's Rule, (3) Financial Emergency

4 In respect of a bill passed by the Parliament, veto power internal veto suspension veto, JB Votto.

5 When a party does not get a clear majority in the Lok Sabha or if the Prime Minister dies accidentally, then the President has the privilege to act at his discretion.

(6) He may dissolve the Cabinet if a motion of no-confidence is passed in the House.

(7) Article Authority to issue ordinances under 123.

8) Section The President is granted protection under 361 i.e. he is absolved of any criminal proceedings during his tenure. He cannot be arrested nor sent to jail

 Thus, the President of India has many privileges, although he is only the formal head of the state, however, the position of the President is important in different circumstances.

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