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Saturday, August 22, 2020

The main indicators of Human Development Index.

Human development is measured as the Human Development Index, HDI. It is a simple composite indicator set on the basic achievements of human development
(composite indicator) and ranks them based on the progress made by various countries in the fields of health, education and access to resources. This range is based on a score between 0 and 1, which a country, in its important indicators of human development,
Derives from the record. The Human Development Index is measured by the UNDP (United Nation Development Program). Of UNDP
The headquarter is in New York. It was established on 1965. Let us know what is the Human Development Index and what measures are used to measure it?

The life expectancy at birth has been chosen to determine the health-health indicator. This means that people get the opportunity to live long and healthy lives. The higher the life expectancy, the higher the index of development (HDI).

Education- Education here refers to adult literacy rate and gross enrollment ratio. This means that the number of adults who can read and write and the number of children enrolled in schools is high.
This leads to an increase in the index.

Access to resources - Access to resources is measured in terms of curry power (in US dollars), the first minimum for each indicator to create an index
And determine the maximum value:

Life expectancy at birth: 25 years and 85 years

General literacy rate: 0 percent and 100 percent

Real GDP per capita (PPP)
S100 dollars US dollars and $ 40,000 US hurlers. Each of these dimensions is given 1/3 weights. Human development
The Human Development Index is the sum of the weights assigned to all these dimensions.

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